Class of 2020: A series of unfortunate events

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The infamous virus has impacted every person in one way or another. Kids are out of school, some adults are losing their jobs, the elderly are constantly at risk, and most people are taking the correct protocols by staying home and practicing self-isolation. This pandemic has affected everyone and everything in more ways than one. 

One of the many groups of people hurt by COVID-19 happens to be the class of 2020. Due to quarantine, schools have been shut down until further notice, therefore canceling many activities (some including the spring musical, Grease, competitions, and many senior activities). For some seniors, this news is extremely disappointing. Some have expressed their sadness on social media, saying something along the lines of, “We’ve been in school for around 12 years now. Some of us have worked extremely hard to get to this point and now we can’t celebrate our hard work.” Some other seniors have voiced their opposing views. “There are people out there dying and you’re concerned that you won’t be able to go to some fancy dance?” said an anonymous source. 

Whatever your views may be on the subject, the main topic bothering students is senior dues and how they are going to be handled. The prices were between $300 and $400 and some would say that the amount is a lot for the amount of stuff given to us. At this point, no one knows if they will be getting any refunds and it is worrying both the students and their parents. 

There were two packages, one offering more events than the other. These payments were made for the following: senior breakfast, senior picnic, the yearbook, panoramic shot, crane shot, graduation, sash, class t-shirt, and last, but not least – prom, all of which are up in the air. Thankfully, there is someone that can give us some insight as to what is happening – assistant principal, Mr. Alfaro. However, the information is changing day by day and what we know now can change within a couple of months. 

At the time of messaging, nothing was known. Would we be getting a graduation ceremony? Are we even going back to school? This uncertainty has resulted in a lack of answers. “Unfortunately, things have not unfolded as we have hoped and at the same time many answers to questions are still up in the air,” said Mr. Alfaro. “At this point, we don’t know if school has been canceled for the rest of the year, therefore we cannot confirm that most events will be canceled. In the event that we can not respect the guidelines, a refund will be provided.” When asked about graduation and what exactly was happening with that, he said, “Well, we want to provide our students with the best high school experience possible. We can’t give promises that we won’t be able to fulfill, but know that we are in conversations with teachers, the district, and the city of Huntington Park to come up with a solution. Remember, a commencement ceremony involves students and families alike. We are talking about over 3,000 people.”

When asking Mr. Alfaro what he wished to tell us Spartans, he had this to say:

“We are walking over uncharted roads, no one expected this outcome, even a week before it happened. This situation is challenging all of us to temporarily adjust our way of living, we must remain calm, healthy, and positive. Know that the administration misses the student body and is working diligently to support you and your families. I personally want to ask all students to take this as a learning experience. As you know this situation is not particular to HPHS, or the city, state, or even the country. Over one billion students are being affected across the world. You have the opportunity to continue your education online, other students across the world, unfortunately, are not as lucky. This is when Spartans need to show their true colors, support one another, stay home for the greater good, help at home, learn a new craft at home (such as cooking), reconnect with your loved ones.”

He also wanted to share a quote from the one and only, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

As of now, the future is still pretty confusing. Information is slowly being released day by day and we have to be patient. Hopefully this will all pass over soon, but remember that we are all in this together. 

“Stay Strong Spartans.” – Mr. Alfaro

By Diego Medina (Broadcast Director)

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