The Spartan Shield is the news publication of Huntington Park High School and is produced by all journalism students, ranging from beginner to advanced.


Mr. Nelson Ta has been the adviser of the program since 2018. Besides journalism, he also teaches English 11, AP Language and Composition, and AVID courses.



Jesica Ramirez is the Editor-In-Chief and a senior with 3 years in the program. She is a club representative for color guard at Huntington Park High School. This year, she hopes to expand various programs she involved in. She will be bring opportunities to everyone through events and resources for her community. She hopes to major in public policy and work in Legislation.   

Emely Curiel is a Junior and return Staff Writer of Spartan Shield as a News editor this year, she is also in podcast.  Emely’s interests are spending time with friends and family, including watching shows. Additionally, her goals are to attend college and major in the Medical Field. She would like to work in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). 

Justin Ramirez is a Senior and the Features editor for Spartan Shield. He enjoys going to the gym after school and improving on himself mentally and physically. He often hangs out with his friends in real life or plays online with them. His goals for this year and the future are to make sure he make amazing memories for his last year and work towards a great future.

Hector is a senior and culture editor for Spartan Shield. He enjoys doing various random things outside of his academic obligations such as learning more about cars and machines.He enjoys consuming pop culture media that provokes some thought or has interesting expanding concepts.

Angie Francisco is a senior, and the Sports Editor and an anchor for Spartan Shield. She loves watching movies, specifically horror/thriller or actions ones. She is currently on her sixth year of SRLA and participates in a few clubs. While some of her future plans are undecided, she would like to travel around the world and try new foods.

Carolina is a senior and Editorials Editor for Spartan Shield. She enjoys trying new restaurants and engaging in arts. She is an AVID tutor this year and the president of the first-year club B.E.S.T. She looks forward to helping people become their best selves. She hopes to maintain her academic achievement and attend a major in child development. She also hopes to pursue a career in the medical field.

Luis Ramirez is a current junior, he’s a staff writer and fact checker for Spartan Shield. He enjoys doing boxing outside of school, and his goal for this year is to participate in his first amateur boxing match. Another one of his interest is watching shows/movies, his favorite show being Breaking Bad. In the future, he hopes to become a Computer Scientist.

Melissa Sanchez is a senior, who is a staff writer and proofreader for Spartan Shield. She loves to watch documentaries and play board games. During her free time, she enjoys going on walks and spending time with her friends. She hopes to attend a university where she can major in English or the medical field. 

Misela Gonzalez is a senior who’s a staff writer and Broadcast Director of Spartan Shield. She’s the captain of the Cross Country and SRLA teams on campus. She enjoys coffee, listening to music and baking/cooking. Some artists she enjoys are Kendrick Lamar, Coldplay, and Weezer. She hopes to earn a communications degree with a minor in nutrition and travel around the world after high school.

Melanie Beas is a senior, Staff Writer, news anchor and film editor for Spartan Shield. She loves to read, watch psychological movies, listen to music, and play electric guitar. She loves helping other people when she has the chance, whether it be physically or mentally. Her goals are to be more social and attend UCLA to become a professionally licensed psychologist. 

Kiyond Heard is a Junior, Staff Writer and News Anchor for Spartan Shield. He spends time writing poems, playing guitar and piano, meditating, skateboarding around LA County, and exploring. He participates in theater, jazz band, and football team. His goals for this year are to abolish his creative barriers, and his primary goal for the future is to become better in every way. He believes people shouldn’t limit themselves to one career, hobby, interest, or hyper-fixations.

Yesenia Anaya is a senior and a new staff writer and in broadcast for Spartan Shield. She enjoys watching movies and documentaries. During her free time she likes to relax, craft, knit, and clean. She hopes to attend UCLA and become a social worker to help the community. She likes Tim Burton films and enjoys collecting Funko Pops as well as vinyl records.

Hailey is a senior and new staff writer for Spartan Shield. She is the starting pitcher for the HPHS softball team. She’s also involved in yearbook and academic decathlon. She is an entrepreneur, streetwear enthusiast, and stylist. Her plan this year is to have a successful and fun senior year.

Leslie Cisneros is a senior and news reporter, social media director, and Staff Writer for Spartan Shield. This year, she is also president of the Spartans Care Club on campus. Outside of school she enjoys traveling to other countries, spending time at the beach with her friends and family, or simply just staying in and watching Netflix. Her academic goals for this year are to end her senior year with academic excellence and get accepted into her dream universities majoring in Neuroscience. She also plans to travel and have as much fun as possible before she goes off to college. 

Alexia Nava is a Senior and a new staff writer in Spartan Shield. She is also an anchorwomen for broadcast. She loves the culinary world and exploring new foods. Finds peace from late night drives and calming music. She’s Colorguard captain as well as the Senior Class President. And looks forward to her summer internships in which she is able to work with well known chefs. Her goal is to one day use the leadership skills she gained from High School and open up and manage her own  restaurant one day. 

Lucia Sandoval Mejia is a 12th grader and new staff writer along with being the video editor for Spartan Shield. She enjoys to draw and watch films that are based on true stories. She’s in marching band, playing the trombone. This year, she wants to earn good grades and apply to college. She also wants to major in computer programming. 

Bryan Tzep is a senior, he’s a new Staff Writer and in podcast for Spartan Shield. Some of Bryan’s favorite interests outside of school are going out with friends and making new memories. He’s currently in yearbook and having a blast and looking forward to the school year. Bryan’s goals this year and for the future are to become more involved and give nothing less than his best. One thing Bryan wants people to know about him is that he is very into photography and music.

America Valdivia is a senior and a new staff writer and podcast in Spartan Shield. Outside for school, she enjoys hanging out with friends and listening to music. America hopes to make her final year of a high school both a productive and memorable one. In the future, she hopes to attend her dream university, majoring in medicine to become an Anesthesiologist.

Osman Arias is a junior and a new staff writer for Spartan Shield. He enjoys watching movie films, singing, and adventuring out to experience new things. His future goals are to attend Cal State Long Beach and major in engineering and business. He would like to start his own home building and remodeling company with his dad. He is allergic to bees, and has double jointed elbows.

Alondra Ruiz is a senior and a new Staff Writer for Spartan Shield. She likes to spend time with her friends and family, attend football games, and watch Disney movies. She is part of the cheerleading and volleyball team. She is involved with leadership as the current ASB president and a Magnet representative. Her goals this year are to maintain academic excellence and attend a 4-year university.

Tyra Galeana is a junior and a returning staff writer and in podcast for Spartan Shield. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, and watching shows during her free time. Tyra’s favorite foods are enchiladas and chilaquiles. She prefers to stay indoors instead of going out. She hopes to become a lawyer.

Jay Cruz is a senior and a new staff writer and in podcast for Spartan Shield. They are the vice president and treasurer of the drama club here at HPHS. They enjoy hanging out with friends and playing video games. They’d like to learn and experience life freely.

Jack is a senior and a photographer, artist, and a new staff writer for Spartan Shield. She is obsessed with movies and drawing. She tends to spend all her time in nature environments. She is also fond of the unknown, whatever that means. She thinks she has a future in graphic design but attending ELAC.

Valeria Alejandre is a junior and a new staff writer for Spartan Shield. She enjoys music, TV shows, and animals. She hopes to maintain her impressive academic excellence. She plans on majoring in English.

Christopher Hernandez is a junior and new photographer, social media director, as well as a staff writer in Spartan Shield. He enjoys playing piano, watching old shows, listening to music by Dayglow and xmtoon, and loves watching crime documentaries. He is a new member of Huntington Park High School’s Color Guard and a part of Youth for Environmental Justice. This year he hopes to challenge himself academically and explore his interest while making the best out of this school year.

Karla is a freshman and a new Staff Writer and in podcast for Spartan Shield. Outside of school, she enjoys listening to music and dancing alone in her room. She likes to paint, make playlists, and create bracelets. She wants to become a video gamer streamer with her best friend and graduate high school. She can’t live without her music, that is her top priority in her day.

Adrian Martinez is in 11th grade and he is a staff writer for Spartan Shield. He prefers to keep to himself. I enjoy playing video games like Rocket League in my free time. This year he would like to pick up a new hobby to keep him productive.