No Participation, No Events

Huntington Park High School juniors have not been participating in school events that are there to raise money for their events and Leadership is not sure whether or not there will be any money to pay for those future events. Leadership advisor, Negin Mahmoudi, spoke on the situation saying how the juniors in Leadership “are new” to all of it and that it is a “learning opportunity” for them. Ms.Mahmoudi also brought up that there are new fundraisers coming up, such as the Junior Ball, and that hopefully, they will see a lot more people show up to participate. Furthermore, Mahmoudi gave us her input on how this situation should be solved and she made sure people knew that they “shouldn’t be pointing fingers at who’s at fault but should instead be supporting and getting friends to go” to the junior events.

A survey was sent out to all junior classes to see what H.P students themselves thought about the low participation rate from the junior class. In total, we got 85 surveys back. The first question in the survey asked whether or not they have participated in any junior events and only 27% said that yes, they have gone to junior events.  For the ones that haven’t, they were asked for a reason as to why. 29% of the students said they didn’t have the time to go, 24% weren’t interested in the events, and 19% said that their friends weren’t going so they chose not to go as well. Although, 42% of the survey takers did express that they would want to change the fact that there is low funding for juniors.

To conclude, they were asked for any suggestions they may have to improve on the issue. The biggest solution the students seem to come to, to change the issue, is to make the junior events more interesting and to do different events. All in all, the feedback from the junior class was a nice way to find out what the Huntington Park HS students want from the school and how to improve on the issue of there being low funding for the junior class.

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Written By Lucas Mora, News Editor

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