Amazon Rain Forest Building

Amazon just recently welcomed a new office space in Seattle for their workers. According to Alex Scimecca from, it took seven years of planning/constructing to make in hopes of it sparking their employee’s creativity up. As well as making it attractive and attention-calling. Amazon did not want just any ordinary building to have their workers work in with just the normal looking office spaces and lounge rooms. They wanted it to incorporate a lot of nature/plants. A way for workers to feel very open, relaxed and feel comfortable in their environment. So that workers could be able to think thoroughly and have an open mind. The new building look just like a mini version of a typical tropical rain forest. It is shaped in a sphere shape with three domes all connected together. With over 400 plants it is filled with tropical and rare ones. Included inside there is even a 50-foot ficus tree named “Rubi”. There the employees could hold their meetings, work on their laptops in peace, and could even walk their dogs around.

I think that this is a very nice and interesting idea that Amazon came up with to have their employees work in. To not feel trapped inside a building and be able to breathe fresh air while working is genius. As well as not feel like you’re actually working. Especially how they incorporated the idea of a rain forest theme since the company’s name is Amazon like the Amazon rain forest which is clever. Other companies have done cool ideas like this as well for their workers. Such as Apple calling it their “spaceship” and Microsoft building tree house”s for their workers.

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Written By Johara Velazquez

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