Black Friday Madness

We all know very well what Black Friday is, but if you’re one of the few that don’t, here’s a brief history lesson. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and usually known as the unofficial start of holiday shopping for most Americans. Almost all stores have ridiculous discounts, where people will camp outside of stores in order to be the first ones getting to those sales.

Now here is why I think Black Friday is utter s#*t.

Only in America do people go out the day after Thanksgiving and beat each other up for a discounted T.V. People will go so crazy for discounts and sales that they will genuinely hurt each other. For years, the Saturday following Black Friday consists of headlines along the lines of “ the worst Black Friday injuries and deaths of all time”. People are no longer surprised and will go out to stores with pepper spray or other weapons in order to not hurt themselves.

Then there’s the fact that lower class citizens are usually the ones spending the most during this day. They buy toys, phones, laptops, TVs and so many other things for the holidays. The bad part about this is that although they are the ones who spend the most they are also the ones with the least amount of money. People will go out and buy so many pointless items that will probably be thrown out by this time next year but won’t have enough for necessities. As Americans, especially lower class to middle-class Americans, we are all too materialistic. We are so gullible and brainwashed into buying more and spending money we don’t have so that others can profit off of us. This is why Black Friday is dumb.

Image Source: Rebel Circus

Written By Carolina Velazquez, Staff Writer

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