Return of the Leadership Teacher

Father, Husband, Teacher, Coach, and once again, Louis Bonsteel is adding Leadership Teacher to the list for the 2018-2019 school year.

As Leadership teacher, Bonsteel advises and coordinates students and events here at Huntington Park High School. Bonsteel considers teaching to be the “World’s Greatest Job”.

He wants to make sure that the leadership class supports all grades and believes that everyone should “be a little goofy” because even though he knows that school is obviously about students getting their education, student’s should still have fun along the way.

Although, it is easier said than done. When asked how he feels about having so many things to attend to, he said that” its challenging” and that,” it’s a good thing I’m bald”.

However, he also mentioned how grateful he is to his family because they do help and support him with everything he does and that he really is trying to do his best. Bonsteel also mentioned various things that he’d like to improve or support here at HP.

He brought up how there should be a better reward system here at Huntington Park HS because he believes that students should be acknowledged for even the smallest things.

Bonsteel also thinks that all sports should be supported and not just a select few.

Leadership students, who wanted to stay anonymous, gave some of their input also on Mr. Bonsteel being leadership teacher for this school year.

“Leadership this year with Bonsteel so far is going well…we still have a lot of things to do so we can get to know each other and understand how he wants to do stuff” commented the unnamed student. 

Furthermore, the student brought up things they think the Leadership class can improve on and things they’re doing at the moment that are going good, saying that,”I think the class needs to improve on how if anyone disagrees with someone else’s ideas they need to say it at that moment, and not after when the rest agreed on it and I think the class is doing well with how we help each other out a lot.”

Another student also commented saying, ”Leadership has been an okay class so far. Obviously, it’s way different from last year but it isn’t too bad. With Bonsteel, there have been minor setbacks but he sure does know how to resolve them and push forward.”

In the end, Bonsteel talked about the leadership class as a whole and how he’d describe the class saying that

”Leadership is always unique, you have returners and newcomers, we’re still getting to know each other, we’re in that growing period”

He also said that “Hopefully by mid-September or October we’re in full swing of things, hopefully, we’re on top of things. We wanna create things that kids wanna do. We’re spending a lot of time on things to make sure it’s right. This class is a great group of kids and we’re going places.”

Written By Lucas Mora, News Editor

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