Girl’s Volleyball is Serving Up Another Season

The Girl’s Varsity Volleyball season has officially begun! Tryouts were held in May and practice began late July.  They currently have played several league matches.

With the Girls’ Varsity team being just one game shy of reaching playoffs last season, the team shook off their disappointed and look forward to redeeming themselves this year. They have been practicing their techniques and are determined and constantly moving towards their goal of making and winning playoffs.  The team practices close to three hours per day, honing their skills.

The girls share a general feeling of excitement and confidence for this season. Lourdes Huerta Reyes, junior and former junior varsity captain, shares that they have a great team this year, stating, “Every single person gives it their all and I can’t wait to see everyone work their butts off on the court.”

“Every single person gives it their all and I can’t wait to see everyone work their butts off on the court.”

The team has five returning members and three members who moved up to varsity, with many of the members consisting of juniors.

This season, the girls are really giving it their everything to ensure that they make it to playoffs this time around.

“I would practice with the guy’s volleyball team during their season and I would run during my summer break to improve on my agility for future volleyball games to come,” says Melani Salcedo.

“The team and myself have been practicing and conditioning everyday in hopes of improving” Jennifer Flores, junior.

The future for this girls volleyball season is looking great, the girls have some big shoes to fill in with the recent class of 2018 seniors gone but are confident in their abilities and all I have their eyes set on victory.

With each and every girl committed to their goal of improving, putting them all together in a team truly makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Image source by Varsity Captain, Verenice Gonzales

Written by Ethan Melendrez

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