Julie’s Fashion: October Trends

“There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been!”

-Percy Bysshe Shelley

Goodbye summer. Hello Fall Fashion.

What styles will be back?

Plaid Patterns


Black plaid pants and black turtleneck—F21

Nathalie Castro, Senior

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Plaid and checked prints can be traced back centuries from today. There is no way to go wrong with a nice plaid print. Everyone loves flannels! Girls definitely adore Cher of Clueless, her yellow plaid outfit is iconic. You have seen it on runways, when you’re online shopping, and on your favorite celebrities. Matching plaid sets with schoolgirl inspired designs will be the trend of fall 2018. Of course, plaid has always been a trend but there are mistakes to avoid when styling it.

Rules of plaid:

  • Matching plaid sets with a skirt and halter top are okay but do not overdo it!
  • Make sure to include a solid color in your outfit
  • Do not mix plaid with other patterns
  • Do not wear plaid accessories if you’re wearing plaid clothing

You can start saying goodbye to gingham prints and leave that trend in 2017. The overlapping stripes that create a checkered pattern will be gone for the season. Students at HPHS will be rocking new patterns this fall.

Fall’s Official Color?


Burgundy bomber jacket paired with black jeans—Forever 21

Omar Beard, Senior

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Millennial pink waves goodbye as a vibrant red introduces its way into the new season.  The muted pink was worn by all; it was the color of the generation but as with all colors, the trend has lost its cool.  All shades of red will be in for the rest of 2018— mahogany, crimson, scarlet, burgundy, you name it! Wear red this fall and you will undoubtedly make a fashion statement. Around campus, we will be seeing red everywhere. Red shoes, red jackets, red blouses, red skirts, and anything else you can think of.

How to match red:

  • Mustard yellow (yes mustard!)—do not be afraid to try new color combinations
  • Any shade of pink
  • Blue—definite eye-catching statement
  • Toned gray to make red really stand out

Layering Season Begins

IMG_0893Dragon tank top & Tilden pants—Brandy Melville

Sara Hernandez, Sophomore

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The time has finally come. After a long and immensely hot summer day, your highly anticipated excitement will be fulfilled. It is time to plan new and warmer outfits. You can put aside all the shorts and layer your tank tops with warm sweaters! Combine all your favorite pieces into one outfit. You can pair a turtleneck with any jacket you would like. You can wear the trousers you have been longing to wear all summer. Wear anything, it is your choice. Fall fashion is all about comfort. You do not, however, need tons of insulating layers. When layering clothes, you should not have more than three pieces. Always start with the thinnest clothing on the bottom and continue on to the thicker fabrics. Remember to not pair a thick wool coat with a thick cardigan, those two just don’t combine. Of course, we want to protect ourselves from cold weather but think of layering as one big puzzle.

Image Source: Huffington Post

Written by Juliana Covarrubias, contributing writer.