Is it really “Insatiable”?

Netflix’s new show Insatiable is a 2018 dark comedy series starring Debby Ryan as the protagonist of the show. Over the summer, binge-watchers may have seen trailers describing a revenge story of the former “fatty patty”.  Although many may be able to relate to the trailer, the actual series goes through a variety of plot twists that do not seem to connect to the main point of the storyline. Netflix’s “Insatiable” covers various situations like open relationships, gender fluidity and of course body image issues.

Insatiable follows the life of Patty who was once an obese teenager who has her jaw wired shut causing her to lose weight over the summer. Her weight loss granted her a shot at beauty pageants and revenge on those who have bullied her or would have bullied her when she was overweight. Throughout the show, viewers see odd relationships between characters such as inclusive relationships.

Viewers also see the struggles of children from single-parent households and much light is shed on the LGBT community, body image issues, and mental health issues.

 The dark comedy shows things many people aren’t used to seeing which is why it stands out. While watching the series, viewers may notice how different it may be compared to your regular Friday Night sitcom or Netflix originals. It provides the audience with a unique storyline that they may not be expecting which the viewer can infer is an artistic statement on the director’s behalf.

Image Source: Dazzed

Written by Alejandro Huerta, Film Editor and Staff Writer