Paranormal HP: A Story a Century in the Making

Built in 1909, Huntington Park High School is a school filled with a long history and an even bigger legacy. Throughout its grand century and a decade of existence, it experienced prestigious alumni, the filming of Grease, academic successes, and so much more. However, HP has not been without its fair share of tragedy as well.  

In 1911, just two years after its opening,  a whole section of the school burned down in a mysterious fire that people assumed was started by old rags and chemicals.  According to the HP Alumni site, it was possibly caused by “a spontaneous combustion”. There were no reported deaths or injuries that we could find.

Years later the Long Beach Earthquake in 1933 caused more destruction to the school. It was so immensely powerful that it broke down the entire gas pipeline system in the administration building, engulfing the whole building in flames and destroying it in the process, along with other parts of the school.  The Alumni website states that “fortunately the temblor occurred after school hours or the loss of life might have been appalling.” This implies that there possibly were casualties. However, there aren’t enough documents to verify.

With a school that dates back to 1909, it only seems natural to speculate that the campus can be home to more than just living.  There could be supernatural entities if we are to believe teachers and staff members.

Many teachers and staff members on campus have reported seeing figures, hearing voices, flickering lights, and chairs moving around after school hours, long after people have gone home.  

“It was 5:30, I was inputting grades when I heard a sound outside and I saw a shape. The noise that I heard was somebody calling my name. My first name. The shape I saw was that of a man. I heard my name again and I got a little bit concerned, so I cautiously grabbed my stuff and graded my assignments at home. I do not stay past 5:00 anymore” stated Mrs. Desire Treat, science teacher and resident of the 300s building.

After some digging and research, it seems that a lot of paranormal phenomena occur in the three-story building, the 300’s. There have been at least two reported deaths that occurred in the 300s over the last few years.

“These are known facts. Two teachers died in this building. On this floor, I believe one teacher died in room 322. Heart attack. Collapsed. Died. And then another teacher…about  15-20 years died in room 329. Have I seen those teachers? No, but the night crew who cleans always say that they hear voices…I am not going to disregard it. Why would they make something up?” stated Mrs. Cynthia Tiscareno, Biology Teacher.

There have been at least two confirmed deaths in the 300s that the public knows about within the last few years, so the possibility that there are trapped souls the dwell the hallways of our school is not too far off. Also, when considering the long history of the school and the fact the school was built on an old ranch, it is not crazy to think that there are spirits lingering.  

With a school that has been around for a century, that has seen thousands among thousands of students walk into the premise, and his experienced various tragedy, there is no denying the possibility that the school has become a haven for the paranormal.

Written by Edward Melendrez, Features Editor

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