The Man Behind the Flames

The 70’s hallway, some days you may walk down the hall and smell nothing; other days you might smell bread or maybe even burnt chicken followed by the loud ring of the fire alarm. Whenever that may be, everyone knows that it is  Mr. Davis or his students throwing it down in the kitchen. He might not be the world-renowned British chef, Gordon Ramsay, but he is the MasterChef on this campus.

Mr.  Davis has been part of the faculty for the last two years after the departure of Chef Mena. He left his previous school due to some issues with the principal and was able to become a Spartan in the fall of 2017.

He is a man of many talents and although he is a cooking teacher, he has never actually attended a culinary school for training. He has instead built up years of experience through simple family cookings and multiple job occupations where he worked with chefs in various kitchens.

“I started cooking with my mom who did a lot of baking when I was 6 or 7. Then I started working at my first restaurant when I was 15 and I kept working restaurant after restaurant” Mr.Davis commented.

Written by, Angelisa Villa, Sports Editor, and Staff Writer