The Invasion of Blood Suckers

They can’t get enough!

I can go on about how much I hate these mosquitos, I have so many bites, I itch and itch! It feels like they’re never going to go away! Since the beginning of this school year, it has felt classes are infested with these blood sucking mosquitos. I have had over 30 bites on my legs so far.

According to HP’s Plant Manager, Mr. Maciel, this infestation started last year. So far, this issue has already been addressed to the LAUSD Department of Operations. They came to visit HP and identified the problem and found where the mosquitoes were laying their eggs and where they were hatching.

They were laying their eggs in small areas of water like pipes and puddles. The inspectors cleared out those areas but now have to get rid of all the mosquitoes that are alive right now. No chemicals are used unless it is approved by the district and if so, the district has to send a letter to all parents for the students’ safety.

Former HP student, Diana Lozano, was one of the students that complained a vast amount. She concluded “I feel like it’s a really serious situation and HP should do something about it. I would get a lot of bites where the skin was showing. example ankles, arms, and even my fingers but mainly ankles. I really couldn’t do anything, I tried applying insect repellent but still would get bites.”

These mosquitoes that are invading HP High School are the Asian Tiger Mosquitoes, also known as the forest mosquito and are an exotic species. They can be dangerous and can transmit two diseases called dengue and chikungunya.

“Both of these diseases have not been reported in LA County and have not been transmitted locally. However, if a person with the virus spends time in an area where Asian tiger mosquitoes are found, there is an increased chance of an outbreak occurring in Los Angeles County,” says These mosquitoes target any area below the knee because it is easier for them to bite you without you noticing.

California is not the only state with this issue. Illinois Department of Public Health says “Movement of tire casings has spread the species to more than 20 states since 1985. The tiger mosquito is an important disease carrier in Asia.”

This is a more serious issue and it is being handled too lightly. I strongly feel that people need to carry repellent with them at all times because these mosquitoes are spreading like crazy. It seems like they’re never gonna go away! It makes me really angry because my ankles look ugly and that is interfering with the way I dress. I can’t roll up my jeans, I can’t wear shorts or dresses with outgoing home with swollen itchy bites. In fact, I find it so funny how last year in the main building there was a HUGE poster talking about how mosquitoes can pass on diseases but now this year when it actually became a bigger issue, they aren’t really doing much about it. The district is very limited with what they can do to get rid of this situation but are they trying hard enough? They say that they can not use chemicals to get rid of all the mosquitoes because of the student’s safety but are they aware of the diseases these mosquitoes may pass on to students?

Image Source: Ito Toshikazu/Nature Production/Minden Pictures

Written by Destiny Hulings, Editor-in-Chief

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