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What is the right way to ask someone out?

We’ve all been there. There’s that special someone who we just have to ask out on a date, or maybe we were that special someone being asked out but let’s be honest, asking someone is not an easy thing to do.

But why? There are the obvious reasons such as feelings of fear and possible rejection. There’s a chance of you being embarrassed by the person you have feelings for. It really all comes down to you and how you feel about yourself. You can be the confident and charismatic person who is able to ask someone else with nothing but the utmost confidence and if they’re shot down, they’re fine with it and move on. Or, you can be the type of person who has to plan out every detail and think of every possible scenario when asking someone out. Or maybe you fall somewhere in between those two types of people. There’s even a possibility that you’re not like any of those options at all.
Well, our Spartan Shield staff members wanted to know what others think and so they went out and asked other HP students, ”What is the right way to ask someone out?”. They asked multiple grade levels and got their take on the question. Below are some of the responses taken from the ones the staff members got.


By Kevin Soriano, 10th Grade – “The right way to ask someone is by doing it in person rather through text. I personally think it’s better because you want to see their reaction and how they feel.”



By Rebecca Fuentes, 12th Grade – “Well I would say asking their parents and getting the blessing and permission from their parents first”


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By Gema Juarez, 12th Grade – “I guess the right way would be to do it in person but realistically I would personally do it through text because it’s just easier that way.”


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By Alex Huerta, 12th Grade – “You should ask someone in person in a private setting just to emphasize your feelings for them.”



By Lucas Mora, 12th Grade- “I think however you wanna ask someone out is the right way to ask someone out on a date. If you wanna ask them through text, that’s fine, if you wanna ask them in person, that’s fine. If you wanna ask them with a mariachi band playing in the background, that’s a little extra but it is fine too.”



By Diego Medina, 11th Grade- “I think that the right way to ask someone out obviously is face to face and not really straightforward but to just ease into it. Always prepare for rejection and move on with grace.”



By Inezca Sanchez, 11th Grade- “I feel like the proper way to ask someone out is face to face. Be like, ”Hey, I think you’re cute. I want to get to know you. Wanna go on a date with me?” Something sweet and short.”

Written by Social Blurbs Staff

Image Source: The Odyessey Online


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