Cheer Games Making It Fun Cheer

Cheer is a sport that is made up of a team of both females and males. When you imagine cheerleaders you see them in the football games cheering on their team; but have you ever seen the cheer team from both team head to the corner? Have you ever wondered what they are doing?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, they are having a cheer off. A cheer off, also known as cheer games, is made up of two cheer teams coming together to host a friendly game against each other. It is also a way to get to know their name, year they graduate, social media and even show off your dance moves. These games allow the team to strengthen their bond by simply getting to know each other more.

There are multiple cheer games played depending on the cheer teams. Not only are they played during the games, but cheerleaders also participate during their regular practices.

Some cheerleaders like Brianna Regalado and Jessica Angel commented that “it’s the best part of the football game”.

A popular game is D I S C O which is where cheerleaders show off their dance moves. There is also a game called a stunt, it requires the stunt group and the flyers; they show off their flying moves. Accidents are common during the games such as falling but it’s always laughed off.

By Nathalie Murcia, Reporter

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