That’s a Wrap For Volleyball!

Though Girls Volleyball started off slow with loss after loss, the girls were able to push forward and obtain four consecutive wins for the last games and with their three games that they won partaking in another tournament; they were able to make it to playoffs with 7 games won.

“Making it to playoffs was an exhilarating feeling. Even though we might’ve lost the playoff game, I can proudly say we lost fighting. As a team, we didn’t give up. All-inclusive, going to playoffs was a great experience.”- Jennyfer Flores, 16.

Their playoff game against Foshay Learning Center was a very close game. They made it to the 5th set and throughout the whole game, they diligently worked together and shined as a team. “Though we lost, it was one hell of a game! The team worked hard every single point of the game. We pushed and pushed but we lost that game..but next year our team will come back strong.”-Lulu Huerta, 16. They ultimately lost 15-12; a mere of 3 points.

Though they did manage to make it to playoffs, the girl’s volleyball season had its downfalls. They were at a losing streak of 8 games, almost all of these games carrying on to the 5th. These scores, however, were all just a number for the girls, through the season’s hardships: they remained optimistic and were even more motivated to make it to playoffs. “There’s no point in putting myself in that mindset that will only degrade and most likely worsen me and the team’s energy by releasing a negative attitude/vibes which will affect the teams perspective in terms of how they view the situation we’re trying to surpass. If we’re tired of being in the position where we may be frustrated with ourselves, angry, or regretting things, that’s the time when you’ve got to wake up and change it into the dynamic we want.”- Kelly Galvan.

Prior to the season, the girls shared their personal goals aside from making it to the season. “My goal was to gain experience and to improve my skills and also to stop being shy or quiet and I feel I did accomplish that”-Melani Salcedo. “My goal was to improve as a player offensively and defensively and I believed I accomplished that goal”- varsity captain Verenice Gonzalez. Although they did learn and accomplish their goals as individuals, as a team; they all grew and prospered together as a great Spartan family.

“Overall, I’m super proud of the team. We had fun on the bus rides, we never gave up, it was just an overall positive season”- Jennyfer Flores.

The 2018 Girls Volleyball season started off rather slow but the girls fueling determination to make playoffs along with their brilliant coach guiding them towards victory, the girls fought on and reached their goal. “I have cried over this, but I know that my boys and girls team will play hard. I expect you guys to always give it your all whether I am there or not. I want you all next year to fight to go even further than this year. I truly care for every single one of my athletes and I want them to always remember how amazing their season was. One day this will become a memory you all cherish.”-Coach Mary. The coach for both boys and girls volleyball announced her temporary break in regards to volleyball so she can focus on the army. Though she will be leaving she will always be part of the Spartan volleyball team.

By Ethan Melendrez, Editor

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