Feature on Isaac Salazar

Self-taught music producer Isaac Salazar also known as Prodbybans or Isaac Bans has come a long way from learning different methods on how to make beats, and beating creative with his art. He is a former HP student and is remembered as an artist.


At what age did you realize that making music was your passion?

8th grade is when I started learning how to make beats, I just love making beats. 10th grade is when I really put my all into it because of my friends that also was a producer told me you have talent, start taking it seriously. Every Friday me and my friends would go over to either my house or my friend’s house and we’d just be there making a beat or freestyling and that’s when I found out that I was passionate about it. Eventually, I got an internship at a studio in Hollywood which was the first studio I worked at and from there on I knew that this is what I wanted to do.


What do you usually write your music about?

I mostly like to write my music about personal experiences and I like when people can actually relate to the lyrics. The main thing I want for all my listeners is for them to enjoy it and relate to it.


What inspired you to put your art out and into music?

What really inspired me was my older brother because he had downloaded a program called FL Studio and I would always see him try but eventually he gave up but the program was still there so around 7th grade I would mess around with it but then when I entered 9th grade, I learned how to play the trumpet and play the piano and that is what really helped and inspired me to get into producing and having my friend tell me to just release what I produced turned to be very successful.


How do you write your music?

It all really depends, like if I’m working with my partner Kenshi or another SoundCloud local who’s goes to Linda Marquez, his name is KIID ACTIVI$T, we usually collaborate on hooks or throw the ideas to hooks and whoever says it best keeps it but for verses we do that entirely on our own. We either write it or sometimes I don’t have time to write because I have to mix and master too so I just literally go in there (recording studio) and freestyle part by part till I find whichever one I like because sometimes when I try to write I get stuck so sometimes it’s just better for me to just flow and just let it out.


What has been your biggest accomplishment since you’ve started?

My biggest accomplishment of today would be that I am opening up my own studio finally. It’s a cool location on Gage and Otis in Bell, CA. We’re thinking of calling it the Asylum. Another accomplishment is that I’ve actually gotten to produce with this big producer, he goes by the name, 12 Million, he actually produced with Chief Keef, Kanye West, and he’s done a couple albums with Trippie Redd, so that was pretty fun. Besides that I have an upcoming track that I go to produce for Rich The Kid with my friend on it too because he got the Rich The Kid feature and a Comethazine one and then hopefully a 21 Savage one, and if all that goes well then this year we’ll be releasing, if not, next year.


Do you have music anywhere else besides SoundCloud?

As of now, me and my friends Kenshi, we’ve only released 3 tracks and those 3 we put them on SoundCloud. It’s hard at first for artists that are on SoundCloud to actually put music on Apple Music because they usually don’t have a producer so they can’t get the rights but since I produce, I might as well work get it all cleared out so we are not going to release nor more music on SoundCloud until we get this EP done and once it’s done by next year, it’s gonna be on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and SoundCloud.

By Destiny Hulings, Editor in Chief