Romias Introduces a New Age of Robotics

 A new robotics program was just introduced to Huntington Park High School and its name is MESA, Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement.

A robotics program was finally brought back to Huntington Park High School after about 10 years or so. (why?)

Mrs. Hannah Romias,  AP Environmental Science and Physics, oversees the program. Boeing, an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets, satellites, and missiles worldwide, sponsor the program statewide. I asked Mrs.Romias what were her thoughts on MESA being available here in Huntington Park High School and her response was…

“Sooo it’s actually a wonderful opening for HP because we have a lot of bright students who are in understanding that engineering is more than just math and very difficult technical stuff. A lot of the students who understand logically that in order for the future to go their way, they’re gonna have to engineer certain things. They’re able to do the difficult technical things even though they say aye it’s kinda difficult, they can handle it. So the fact that MESA opened here at HP, they actually gave an opportunity for students to be exposed to the STEM career pathways and for them to see that hey it really is for me, I think I really am smart and it’s not just for the super genius people but its for me and there’s a lot of students that are like that. Lots of students who are really capable students changing the world through engineering.”


The students part of the program attended to a field trip to California State University, Los Angeles to learn more about the program and what it can offer for their future. I asked Denny Vargas, a student here at Huntington Park High School. What was his experience at the Cal-State LA field trip. His response was…


“It was lively, I liked when we got off the bus and were immediately welcomed by staff there who were organized so we knew where to go and what time. When being in the classes we learned new things. It was obviously advanced but yet still fascinating and fun because they made it into games, they connected with the students.”


While on the trip, there was an assembly that introduced the MESA School program to assist students to be skillful in math and science and become competitive when eligible for academically stern colleges and universities. There were classes held that taught us how to use solar power, create gliders, and utilize a microcontroller kit called Arduino.


MESA offers plenty of projects, such as making a glider, a sumo bot, building a bridge out of wood, and a  prosthetic arm. This program will look great on your college applications. If you are interested in joining MESA, then you can grab an application from Mrs.Romias. Who is located in room #339.

By Joel Rivas, Editor