It’s Like Something From a Movie

Woodcraft provides a whole number of clubs, some being Cyber Patriot, Prep Squad, etc. These clubs participate in a number of events that cater to what the club does. One of these clubs happens to film club, led by Jorge Trejo. Film club has been in charge of recording events such as the football games, and now more opportunities are knocking at the club’s door.

The Spartan Shield started the new school year with a brand, new broadcast and it has transformed into something bigger than previously imaginable.

However, the broadcast would not be nearly as good if it wasn’t for the film club. The club provides cameras, lights, green screens, editing software, sound equipment, and more. Along with other side projects, the film club sets aside a day or two to dedicate their time to the Spartan Shield and the broadcast team is very grateful.

Film club has dabbled in a few projects covering all types of genres. From horror to comedy, from short films to actual music videos, film club definitely shines with its creativity.

Its members are extremely dedicated to their craft and that shows. Showing up Mondays through Thursdays and being able to film and edit about two short films a week is most definitely not simple.

In order to get a deeper look at what exactly the film club is capable of, I went to Jorge for some clarity.

Jorge is in charge of teaching his club members the technical aspect of a film. Everything from lighting, sound, storytelling, etc. is taught in the film club. These skills have resulted in short films over the years.

When asked about the club’s past achievements, Jorge stated,” We have been well known with Telemundo, Lionsgate, NBC, and we also did some videography work for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and filmed the Spirit Jam.” The amount of accomplishments the club has had his amazing but doesn’t seem to be getting noticed.

However, they aren’t giving up anytime soon because they still have more goals on their to-do list. “Something the film club can achieve is actually being able to film some short films and maybe even get them to play at a film festival.

If you’re interested in joining the film club, make sure to head over to the ’80s and apply. Gain those cinematography skills and I swear that you won’t regret it.  

By Diego Medina, Reporter

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