The Caravan is Here

On the U.S and Mexico border, there is a caravan of immigrants that are looking to enter the U.S.

The group of migrants consists of 6,000-7,000 women, men, the elderly and even children. The reasons as to why they are trying to get into the U.S varies from person to person and group to group but it seems that the main ones include the migrants running away from poverty, violence, and corruption in their homeland.

The Conversation, chimed in on their situation, more specifically on the migrants from Honduras, saying, ”Honduras is one of the world’s deadliest places that isn’t a war zone. Droughts and floods have also had devastating consequences on agricultural economies.”

According to the New York Times, the makeshift shelter that the migrants have created in Tijuana, Mexico near the U.S border is not a very good environment. They state that “Food was scarce. Privacy was nonexistent. Respiratory diseases flourished.”

Furthermore, the New York Times also reported on the situation that occurred between the migrants and U.S border control agents. They state, ”hundreds broke away from a peaceful march and ran toward the American border. They were repelled by United States border guards firing tear gas, and scores of migrants were arrested by the Mexican authorities.”

USA Today also talked about the altercation between the two groups saying, “CBP officers also fired tear gas after some migrants threw projectiles at them, U.S. officials said. Several CBP officers were hit by the projectiles.”

The U.S President, Donald Trump, has spoken on the caravan saying that it is made up of, ”stone cold criminals”. However, President Trump or his administration have given even more details or context on what the president is claiming the caravan is.

Some Huntington Park students gave their input on the caravan. Alex Huerta, Senior Class President, said, ”I am torn with the issue because some people in the caravan come here with hope for a better life but others are just angry.”

Furthermore, another spartan student, Moises Zatarain, talked about the people in the caravan saying, “I think that a lot of Mexicans are being very hypocritical about whether we should let them in or not. At the end of the day we can, we have the resources to do it, and they have nowhere else to go. In all honesty, I see a lot of immigrants who came to this country that is saying a lot of similar things that others were saying about them when they were trying to come to America.”

In the end, it does seem like the caravan is a controversial topic across the country and there are many differing opinions on them. However, one thing is for sure, this is something that needs to be resolved and until it is, it needs to be talked about and shouldn’t just be pushed to the side as an afterthought.

by Lucas Mora, Managing Editor-In-Chief

Image Source: Omar Ornelas

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