Hollywood’s Newest Singer and Director; Bradley Cooper

A star is born tells us a story about two iconic celebs who have a passion for music. Lady Gaga’s character is an aspiring singer who plays in a local bar and her co-star Bradley Cooper plays a rockstar whose life seems to be a glorious mess. A Star is born has caught lots of buzz from viewers all around the world, making $42 million its opening weekend and grossing $407 million worldwide. It is a movie for music lovers and dreamers.

We start off the movie in Los Angeles with Lady Gaga’s character, Ally. When Ally’s not working for her horrible boss she sings in a drag bar. As fate would have it rockstar, Jake Maine walks in and is awestruck by Ally’s rendition of La Vie en Rose. Jack knows she’ll go far and he later takes her on stage to sing with him. Little did Ally know that that was the beginning of her career and hers and Jacks romance.

Bradley Cooper stunned many audiences with his unheard voice. This movie introduced us to a new Bradley Cooper, not a funny bachelor nor an American sniper but a talented country singer dealing with his sobriety and life dilemmas. Bradley Cooper’s acting was exceptional, his country accent was spot on and his singing vocals were on the pitch. The casting of Lady Gaga couldn’t have been a better choice for their two voices were always harmonized. Gaga also played her role beautifully, she made a connection with her and audiences by emotionally inflicting empathy onto her character Ally.

A Star is Born shows alcohol abuse and some drug abuse by its character Jack. This movie brings to light a partners perspective and trauma of these abuses. It shows us how even people who seem to have it all struggle with this common disease, it doesn’t only affect the abuser it affects everyone around them, for example, Ally’s character. She suffers an ultimate humiliation when she wins her first Grammy for a new artists. Jack drunkenly falls on stage when she goes to collect her award and is then committed into rehab. An ally like most people that stick with their loved ones despite the abuse goes through great lengths to be there for him putting her life and career on hold. This movie gives us a hard look at alcohol abuse and lets us leave the movie with a more complex perspective for abusers and for their loved ones.

This movie is for all kinds of people, but singers especially would enjoy this movie because of all the original songwriting and smooth vocals. This is definitely not a movie for thrill seekers or for people who choose not to see the real world full of physical and emotional abuse, the life behind the curtain. With all the abuse and foul language this movie received a rated R. Overall A Star is Born is a long worthwhile movie with brilliant actors that deserve your view, I would highly recommend you watch this movie with a high volume to catch Lady Gaga’s and Bradley Cooper’s beautiful vocals.

By Daisy Camacho, Reporter

Image Source: A Star is Born

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