Does The Lion King need a remake?

Since the release of the animated The Lion King back in 1994, the movie has made about $968.5 million USD in the box office. Along with its make, 2 other movies have followed including a sequel and a prequel. Called The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride which was the sequel and the prequel was called The Lion King 1½.  Years after the release of the movie it also had kids show made after it in the Disney Junior channel called The Lion Guard. But even after that success, the Disney franchise decided to make a live-action remake of their original movie coming out July 19, 2019. 25 years after the release we are finally getting the remake that we’ve always wanted.

The actors that will be partaking in the new movie that is set to come out this year are well-known celebrities like Beyonce portraying a role of Nala, the actor that will also be included are Eric Andre as Ed the Hyena, Donald Glover as Simba, Seth Rogen as Pumbaa, and many more. But the actors aren’t the only taking on big roles. People like Jon Favreau and Mark Livolsi have to take the role as director/producer and editor.

The storyline in which his new movie will be the same with the main lion protagonists being born into royalty and having a jealous uncle that is out for the throne. While the kingdom is celebrating the birth of the new soon to be king. A tragic event happened to the king that impacted the whole kingdom.

Even though the new movie The Lion King is adapting the same storyline there is thought to be heard that this new Lion King will bring in more songs that tie into the story.  

All through the Lion King is attempting its shoot the remake a hard cold classic it shows much promise and people are excited to see the final end result.

By Nathalie Murcia, Reporter

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