Surviving The Freshman Phase

When people first enter high school, they tend to act immature and awkward. Some are super quiet and not involved in any school activities such as clubs or sports while others are extremely loud and like a lot of attention. Everyone goes through that phase. You know–

the freshman phase. The freshman phase is that cringe-inducing phase where a young teenager is not really sure how to act in normal high school situations. This can be caused by the uncertainty of self.  When you are 14 or 15, you really just don’t know who you are at all. People experience the freshman phase differently than others.

The transition from middle school to high school is a challenging experience for most students. Let’s be real. High school is very different compared to middle school, so many of us don’t know how to properly act in the beginning. Throughout the years, we start to change because we learn more about who are, what we aspire to be and try less hard to fit into the crowd.

I took the time to interview a few people who’ve experienced that freshman phase themselves. I was trying to figure out how various students, from juniors to seniors, changed and remembered themselves when they were younger.

“Well, in my freshman year, since I was coming from middle school I was very antisocial…and I didn’t like anyone and I didn’t want to talk to anyone…I guess that kind of came with me.  Where I didn’t really want to talk to anyone or participate in things. But now in junior year, I’m doing Film Club and I’m in Journalism which gets me out there.” says Diego Medina, junior.

It’s more likely for underclassmen to be focused on drama and act immature. I believe they decide to focus on all this because they don’t really know what to do with themselves. They don’t really know who they are yet, high school is where you find yourself.

“I feel like I have definitely learned a lot and I feel like I have matured. I’ve grown as a person for the better. I do not tolerate any petty drama. I am just trying to look forward to graduation and surrounding myself with positivity.”  says Ethan Melendrez, senior.

After a while of being in high school, some people get tired of trying so hard all the time. When we were freshman most of us did all of our work on time and tried to do the best we can. But then people reach their final years of high school and start to procrastinate. They get actual lives and decide to put school work aside.

“When I was a freshman I was more about school. I mean I still always do my work but I tend to procrastinate a lot more as a senior” says Yuliza Vidaca, senior.

Just last year, I was a freshman too.  I was more immature and loud, maybe somewhat annoying. Last year, I would always be laughing a lot and doing stupid things with my friends in PE while the sophomores would look at us like we were such weirdos.  

But now as a sophomore, I like to keep to myself and not communicate with as many people. I realized that a lot of people aren’t really as they seem and it’s better to have a small circle. We all go through that phase, it’s just different for everyone. I know I haven’t fully realized who I am yet, but I am definitely more mature because I have reflected on my own mistakes.

By Ashley Farias, Reporter

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