A + for the video streaming race!

Photo Source: SlashFilm

On November 12, 2019, a new video streaming platform will be released, first in the United States. Disney Plus is what it’s called. Disney Plus will remove any Disney related films from other platforms and will be exclusively printed on their platform. The cost of Disney Plus is estimated to cost $6.99 compared to Netflix’s monthly fee of $12.99. Disney Plus is also offering 4 max streaming devices and access to 4K content with no extra cost to their sub cribers. Decision taking place for Disney Plus is projected to be an “aggressive” move in the business industry while joining in the competition of Hulu and Netflix.

On its release, Disney Plus is planning to involve all Disney movies that were “theatrically released”. With the addition of Disney films being removed on other platforms, it will encourage many fans to secure the deal. This is a big business move because Disney films may be the reason why release, Disney films will be exclusive to Disney Plus, as well as future Disney projects.

It is also official that Disney Plus will carry films from big film companies such as Marvel & Pixar. If you are a big Disney fan, well, Disney Plus may offer fan-favorite shows and series from a long time ago, such as the Hannah Montana series or the Star Wars film franchise and many more. This may be a huge fit for you.

We asked a student from Huntington Park High School, James Montoya, ‘Why get Disney Plus?’. He responded with, “So I can relive the childhood I never had.”

These next few months will be a great show to watch since all these business moves are taking place. Look forward to potential positive changes that these competitive streaming platforms are going to make to best each other in the video streaming race!

By Jeremy Tejeda, Features Editor