Serving up a whole new season

By Lourdes Huerta

Our Girls Varsity Volleyball team started off their season with 2 preseason games. When they faced Lincoln on September 3rd, they had a loss of 3-1 with the sets coming in close. The game against Lincoln was only a couple points behind in each set, but that was only preparing them for the next game they had which was against Ollin.

 With the girls only having 2 hours of practice before their games, they had to put in all their hard work and input all they already knew into the three back to back games they were having that week. The game against Ollin took a sudden turn when Ollin had to forfeit their JV game due to lack of players and that left varsity to play due to the sudden outcome. Varsity secured the win 3-0. 

They played Linda Marquez but that wasn’t part of their preseason and it was for the traveling trophy. Sadly, the trophy went back to Marquez and now the trophies coming back now depends on the next years’ varsity team. 

The team faced loses, both JV and Var, but they both came out of every loss to improve and showed what they were capable of at a tournament at Maces. They faced Central City, Maces, Santee, Fremont, and Bernstein. They won against Maces, Santee and Fremont and lost their last game against Bernstein (19-25).

Overall, their season is looking bright, with improvement in every game and every set they continue to push themselves and we only hope to see more of that in the future games.

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