Making his way to the endzone

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The last several months have turned downhill for the talented NFL Wide Receiver.

To a Superbowl contention organization, to unemployed.

Everyone acknowledges his talents and play on the field, hall of fame player and work ethic, just the off-field of Brown was a big question mark. Over the weeks, Antonio Brown has proved to be a distraction and a headache in a professional setting.

The starting point was when teammates starting calling him out in Pittsburgh and weren’t very strong about it. Antonio Brown has retaliated and was benched for the last game, a playoff berth on the line, in the 2018-2019 season. Later on to the weeks, AB has requested a trade and was sent to the Oakland raiders.

Just a recap of the time AB was a Raider, AB has called out coaches and went physical, he didn’t take care of his feet and caught frostbite, and had trouble with his helmet brand while creating a distraction for the team. The Oakland Raiders later on fined him and released him. 

During all this, AB has shown emotion all over social media, ticking off players and professional staff.

A student from Huntington Park High School was asked about the news of Brown, Adrian Santillan answered with “Antonio has handled his own situation worse and unprofessional. That’s what made him get kicked out of the league” 

After getting cut by Oakland, New England has signed AB. Did not take much time to do so. 

A few days later a file has been reported against Antonio relating to sexual assault. After playing a game with the Patriots and catching a TD pass from Brady, Brown has been cut from the team for an unnecessary reputation for the team. As well as calling out the owner of New England, Robert Kraft.

As of now, AB is still showing emotion on social media and recently went back and forth with Rams’ Safety, Eric Weddle. People would argue that AB is the most talented WR in the  National Football League. NFL fans are shocked after all the news broke down, and it’s doubtful that he will return to the league. People have questioned AB in the past in terms of off the field trouble and finally, AB gave us the evidence. 

By Jeremy Tejeda (Features Editor)

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