The prom petition competition

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Attention seniors! This is the year. Grad Nite, graduation, prom, and more. Prom is one of those events that is more anticipated than actual graduation. What you’re going to wear and who you’re going to bring are all part of the usual stress. However, what happens when the prom theme doesn’t match your vision?

The class of 2020 earned their name as “The Roaring 20’s”, so when it was announced that the prom theme would be a Midnight in Paris instead of the Great Gatsby, some were very disappointed. 

So disappointed that a group of students decided to put together a petition in a protest against the theme.

There is a senior (who would wish to remain anonymous) concerned with the selection and it was her, along with the help of fellow classmates, who decided to create the petition in the first place. 

“We didn’t like the idea of the prom theme being a Midnight in Paris because it makes sense to have the theme be the Great Gatsby.” You might be wondering,” If so many people were annoyed with the decision, why was Midnight in Paris chosen in the first place?” According to sources, some students weren’t sure what the theme would entail. What do the decorations look like? What was the clothing like? People chose Paris over the roaring ’20s simply because they knew what a “Midnight in Paris” would look like.

If you were one of the seniors that signed this petition, you might be a bit disappointed. In order to get the petition passed, the majority of the senior class would’ve had to sign it. Unfortunately, they only managed to get around 100 signatures when they needed to obtain around 270. 

Although the prom theme is not completely desirable, we as a senior class need to make do with what we have and make this year count!

By Diego Medina (Broadcast Leader)

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