Comeback but for how long?

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Selena Gomez had gone into the shadows for quite a while since she does struggle with lupus and mental health issues but her relatively recent breakup with Justin Bieber kept her love life in the press.

Although Selena Gomez isn’t constantly releasing new music, she has maintained a steady presence in pop music throughout the years. But this month, Gomez returned with an all-new song since her last proper 2015 revival of her career.

Selena Gomez was able to make her comeback with her all-new hit single “Lose You To Love Me” which was released on Wednesday, October 23. In addition, Gomez was able to release a second song, “ Look at Me”, on Thursday, October 24.

The singer’s new hit singles definitely have a meaning behind every lyric sang. The song “Lose You To Love Me” is practically talking about letting go of something in order to find your inner power. This leads us to her second song “Look at Me”, which leaves the message of her owning that inner power she was able to gain back, according to Julia Michaels.

Apparently, the very emotional song was written by singer Selena Gomez, co-writer Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels herself. The song was written on Valentine’s day since none of the three were in a relationship at the moment and they were all being cranky about the love day. The songs were basically written to remind everyone that you have to let go of things that hold you back in order to find your self-worth.

Yes, Selena Gomez’s song was a huge success allowing her to hit the #1 spot on the Hot 100 on the billboard list but this isn’t the only thing Gomez is providing. Selena Gomez did confirm that she has a new album and indeed has been completed but the release date has yet to be confirmed.

By Gisell Villagomez (News Editor)