A controversial conspiracy

2019 has been one heck of a year for Shane Dawson. Full of scandals, controversies and new and unexpected projects- not to mention the engagement with his boyfriend of three-years and also a very popular YouTuber, Ryan Adams, to which Dawson proposed to earlier this year on March 19- right before his famous cat scandal. 

Earlier this year, a December 2015 podcast video of Shane Dawson was leaked in which he jokingly remarked having done some inappropriate things to his cat. Shane Dawson then apologized and denied the authenticity of the things said in the video, claiming that he had once used it as a bad joke but has since then learned his lesson of being careful with what he says. 

However, Dawson wasn’t the only YouTuber with pretty big scandals in 2019. On April 22, the social world went crazy over the media-war between James Charles and Tati Westbrook- which, as ridiculous as it may sound, started because of the hair growing product Sugar Bear Hair, and ended with a handful of videos in which James and Tati fake cried for about eight minutes. This prompted the one and only Jeffree Star to call him out for doing the same to his boyfriend Nathan, backing up his friend Tati. Oddly enough, even the name Shane Dawson was briefly mentioned amidst the whole drama. 

Anyways, a few petty comebacks between three major makeup gurus isn’t the point of this article, but of the project that came in works during it, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, an American YouTube web series created by Shane Dawson himself. From the moment people heard about this project between Dawson and Star, fans from all over the world were obsessed with it. Granted, this wasn’t the first project between them, as that title was actually given to Dawson’s other series, The Secret World of Jeffree Star. 

The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star first premiered on October 1st, but ended on November 22 after seven episodes. In it, fans were able to get a good look into how hectic and troublesome the life of Jeffree Star is, especially when launching new makeup lines and products. The best part? The products and makeup line in this case… was a collaboration between Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson!

By Evelin Perez Cruz