Is sex no longer taboo?

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From movies to advertisements, sex seems to be around everywhere nowadays. Even when you think your mind is freed of such disgraceful thoughts, music in its own innocence has sex too, you just have to listen more closely and grasp the message it’s invoking. 

For example, you might find yourself singing along to Justin Bieber’s new hit, Yummy, and it’s the mirror reflection of sex at it’s purest, from, “Say the word, on my way yeah babe,” to , “Yeah you got that yummy, yummy, yum…”

So the real question is, does sex still remain taboo around teens and people of this generation?

In my opinion, talking about sex seemed like a delicate subject to discuss around others, but now it’s being normalised and teens seem to be more liberal about it than ever before. From being viewed as something taboo throughout the years, it’s now more familiarised around high school students like it’s nothing to be cautious about. 

And still, when it comes to contraceptives, not everyone knows how to use one or utilize the various options given to them to protect themselves from (STDs) sexually transmitted diseases. 

So why is it that even with the multiple talks teens get about how unprotected sex could lead to teen pregnancy they still make the irrational decision to have unprotected sex? It would seem reasonable because they lack money or they’re in a bit of a financial problem, but what most teens aren’t aware of is that they could go to a clinic and get free contraceptives to protect them from any future regrets

I’m not saying that sex is something that should remain hidden (taboo) but responsibilities need to be acquired and most teens aren’t even aware of the risks they’re taking. It shouldn’t be viewed as something rewarding either or something that trends within teen groups.

 Many things could be influential, and it leads many of these adolescents to make impactful choices that they can’t take back. For example, abortion, which is widely hated and not yet fully accepted is an option that most girls think about without knowing how their bodies may react. Even when teenage girls decide to keep the baby, they have constant problems with levelling out school and social activities and one of the biggest problems getting overlooked is being unprepared. Not only do they have to deal with that, but also the influential looks they get constantly by society. 

From sex being taboo to now being more familiarized by teens, constant problems arise with the lack of intellectual knowledge about contraceptives and how many teens could acquire them. Sex has been proven to be a widely discussed matter and yet many of the intimate factors seem to be put aside. 

In general, I feel like teens talking about sex has broken the barriers of it being taboo but has opened new problems corresponding to their lack of knowledge of how they can protect themselves.

By Valerie Mentado (Staff Writer)

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