Joe Biden is winning the hearts of the younger generations.

The presidential candidate, Joe Biden, started catching the eyes of the younger generations, especially Gen Z, with his new campaign tactics that appeal to their humor. This is the best thing he could’ve done to have a better chance of beating Trump. 

Even though Joe Biden won for the Democratic party, a lot of people were skeptical about him due to the fact that people don’t really know a lot about him.  Even though he was the vice president during Obama’s presidency, not a lot of people had a real connection with him, but this changed a few months ago when he started switching things up. 

Biden started doing things that were more controversial and the younger generations started to pay more attention to him. He especially caught the eyes of Generation Z, which is the generation after millennials, from the mid-90s to early 2010s. They started to enjoy his personality and sense of humor, whether it was international or not; he was able to appeal to the generation that wasn’t really that invested in politics. 

“He seems to have a fun personality while also trying to remain professional, he doesn’t make a clown of himself.”  Miguel Rojas, 24 years old.

In a recent campaign stop, he played “Despacito”, a Spanish hit. After being introduced by the singer of the song, Luis Fonsi, he took out his phone and played the song while being encouraged to dance by the singer. After this scene, many were criticizing him for this attempt to appeal to the Latino community, but the younger generation loved it. 

In another campaign strategy, Joe Biden’s team released an ad where it had President Trump saying, “If I lose to him (Joe Biden), I don’t know what I am going to do. I will never speak to you again. You will never see me again.” The ad ends with Joe Biden approving the message. When people saw this ad, they found it hilarious and praised Biden for his sense of humor. 

“I found it really funny even though I don’t think it was his intention for it to be funny, a lot of my friends and I found it funny and appealing. It made him seem more likable.” Diego Reynoso, junior. 

On Tuesday, September 29th, the first presidential debate took place. It was very chaotic, nonetheless, that even the mediator had a hard time. In simpler words, they just talked over each other the entire time. Even though polls by Telemundo, a spanish news channel, indicated that Donald Trump won this debate, a lot of people liked how Joe Biden tried to keep his composure and was funny. 

“Biden is the best candidate for the people and America’s future. He’s definitely got his flaws, but we can depend on him in a way that we can’t with Trump. Our best interests and incentives lie with Biden and not Trump so to vote Trump out is to vote for Biden. My opinions on Biden are still the same though(after the presidential debate)… like he’s funny,” Stephanie Velasquez, senior.

With Election day coming up on November 3rd,  people will have to decide if Trump remains in office for four more years or if  Biden should take his position. With the most recent events Joe Biden has proven himself to be the best option among the younger generation. He was able to captivate their hearts by his fun campaign strategies in comparison to Trump’s.

by Kyria Reynoso, Staff Writer

(Photo Source: Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty)

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