Before the proposal of Proposition 22, lawmakers were trying to have drivers from Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, etc., be recognized as employees to achieve benefits such as health insurance, sick days, and minimum wage. 

These big companies did not agree with this because it would cost too much money. In August, a superior court judge ruled that these companies had to switch from having independent drivers to treating them as employees, and they did not like this. 

“That prompted the app companies to threaten ‘hundreds of thousands’ of job cuts and suspension of operations in California until Prop 22 was decided,” states

What does it mean to vote Yes or No on Proposition 22? 

A yes vote on Proposition 22 means that drivers from Uber, Doordash, Postmates, etc. would get new benefits, but these benefits are not the same as one considered an employee would receive. Since this prop would make drivers “independent contractors,” drivers would get to decide when, where, and how much they work, and they would only get free benefits.

A no vote on this proposition would mean that these big companies would have to hire drivers as employees if the court says that recent state law makes drivers employees. Drivers would have less to say on when, where, or how much they would work, but they would get benefits and protection, according to Voter guide.

People for this proposition argue that drivers want to work as independent contractors and not as employees. If companies are forced to hire employees, it will lead to a lot of job losses. They also argue that if drivers classified as employees, it would lead to higher prices and less access to the services provided, according to

People against this proposition argue that these big companies don’t want to pay drivers more and provide basic benefits. Also, if drivers get treated as employees, they would get paid sick leave and would be provided with employment benefits. Another argument is that the law does not limit a driver’s work hours, which means they could work 30+hours, according to

With Proposition 22 advertised everywhere so that it can pass, it would only benefit these companies but not the current or future drivers. Vote ‘NO’ on this proposition. By voting against it, it would force these big companies to hire drivers, provide them with the benefits they deserve, and treat their drivers as employees and not just as disposable drivers.

By Kyria Reynoso. Staff Writer

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