Drama club: It’s grand return to its former fame and glory

The Drama Club cast posing together for a group photo in their club. (Credit: Justin Ramirez/HP Spartan Shield)

Huntington Park Senior High Drama Club is finally back and getting ready to start this school year! With the help of their members and the assistance of their advisor and Dr.Parker, the club intends to make a great comeback. 

In the Spring semester of 2020, the drama club production team was preparing to make production on the 1978 musical Grease before March 2020, when the COVID-19 lockdown began. However, now that the school is back to in-person learning, the club does intend to bring back the production and rebuild the program’s successful and popular reputation.  

“We want to branch out to more competitions and be more active this year, such as having more auditions and starting an improv night,” states Tania Vazquez, Club Secretary, and cast member, when asked about the drama club’s plans for this year. 

This year, after speaking to several cast members, the production team explained that they have plans on a production for the tragic Shakespearean love story Romeo and Juliet and altering it due to the pandemic and students returning to in-person learning. 

“I believe we will be able to maintain our successful reputation and popularity we had in previous years because we have a lot more ideas and things we plan to do this year, even ideas that can involve people outside of the drama club to come to interact with us,” states Kenia Roman, crew member, and actress. 

As many HPHS students know, the drama department was one of the most popular programs on campus, with hit productions such as The Trial of the Wicked Witch, as well as In the Heights, which they performed in the fall semester of 2019. It’s not hard to say it will be able to rebuild and maintain the successful status it once had. Unfortunately, as the pandemic influences the rest of the world, the drama club has negatively been impacted by new challenges and issues. 

Most members have agreed that two main challenges have occurred this year. The first one is to have more organizational skills coming for both staff and planning, to prepare the drama club properly. The second is losing contact with members over quarantine who were previously involved.

After speaking with some members about their experience involved with the club, many have described their experience as an inclusive and active environment. It allows everyone to feel comfortable and showcase their skills and talent, with different positions such as crew or actor and more!   

“I would describe drama club as a very fun and easy-going club, it has a very friendly environment, has a lot of interaction with other members, and it’s easy to make friends.” -Genesis Cruz, Treasurer and wardrobe manager

As this year continues, I intend to be updated with everything going on with the drama club from its future productions to its newest members. If you wish to learn more about the Drama department, please contact Dr.Parker in room 11 or email her at alp3985@lausd.net

By Justin Ramirez, Staff writer

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