he’s not all that

Movie posters of She’s all that (left) and He’s all that. (right) (Credit: Netflix and IMDb)

He’s All That is a remake of the 1999 Romance/Comedy movie titled, She’s All That. She’s All That was a popular movie that went on to earn $103 million worldwide. Audiences can watch this movie on Netflix. He’s All That wasn’t absolutely horrible and the reason people dislike it is because Addison Rae stars in it. 

Addison Rae is a TikToker and an instagram influencer who plays Padgett Sawyer, one of the popular students at Cali High School. Tanner Buchanan is an actor who became well known for acting in Cobra Kai and plays the other lead, Cameron Kweller. 

The story is about how the popular girls make a bet in which Padgett has until prom to make Cameron the next big thing, Prom king. Padgett Sawyer is Rae’s first acting role ever, in which she did a good job portraying the protagonist. 

Addison Rae wasn’t a stronger actress than the others, but she wasn’t horrible. Tanner Buchanan is an experienced actor and his acting was executed better than others. There were moments in the movie that were enjoyable when the actors were able to enjoy themselves. The scene in which Padgett Sawyer and Cameron Kweller are singing “Teenage Dream” together, shows that Rae and Buchanan were having fun. 

There’s a scene at prom when both groups are dancing and it’s cringe because they are going against each other and dancing in front of everyone, but that’s what made the movie funny. Some of the dance moves are part of TikTok dances. There were parts in the movie that portrayed bad acting like the scene in which Padgett freaks out and becomes “Bubble girl.”

He’s All That ends like other RomCom and doesn’t really experiment with the formula. If people watch this movie, they learn that the movie’s theme is to not judge someone before getting to know them.

 I would recommend this movie to a younger audience around the ages 8-12. I don’t believe teenagers would enjoy this movie as much as a younger audience  would. Overall, I would give He’s All That, 2 Spartan Shields out of 5. 

By Tyra Galeana, Staff Writer

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