“Squid Game” isn’t the Olympics with just squids

A scene from Squid Game Show. (Credit: Netflix)

If you were offered to play childhood games against hundreds of others with the chance of winning 37 million dollars, would you take it? If yes, then you might reconsider your answer after watching the new Netflix show “Squid Game.”

The show takes place somewhere in South Korea. It starts by showing how hard some of the main characters’ lives are due to financial burdens, which lead to them joining the game. Hundreds of other debtors are given the opportunity to play children’s games for children to win millions of dollars, but with a twist.

Squids on seats used as a meme referring to Squid Games show on Netflix. (Credit: @Mar240k / Twitter)

They have to choose between going by their morals or their needs. South Korean actress Kim Joo-Ryung who played one of the protagonists, Han Mi-nyeo, in Squid Games did an amazing job at playing the character. She really did the role justice and had the internet hating on the character. Fans also fell in love with another protagonist Kang Sae-byeok, played by Korean model HoYeon Jung, who became a big star after fans watched the series. The cast was chosen perfectly for the Netflix show. Each actress and actor played their role great and brought their characters to life. Each episode really catches and keeps your attention with different twists, cliffhangers, and a lot of suspense.

The moral of the story I got was that you don’t always need to be a giving person. It’s good to be kind but sometimes you need to put your needs and yourself first. You are the only one who truly has your back at the end of everything. I would recommend this to ages 16 and up. There are a couple of scenes that are definitely too mature and gory for younger audiences.

I would rate it TV-MA, in my opinion. The show is good enough to binge-watch, it has good suspense and the concept of it is interesting. I would give Squid Games 4 shields as a rating. 

By Mariana Briseno, Staff Writer

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