Teaching to the Choir

Mr. Lucas posing for a photo in his classroom, February 2nd, 2022 (Credit: HP Spartan Shield)

A recent addition has been made to the Huntington Park High School staff. Mr. Lucas, a former teacher-in-training under Ms. Anthony, has received and accepted a teaching position on campus. With his arrival are four new music classes; Choir, Introduction to Piano, Introduction to Guitar, and Mariachi. On February 2nd, he was interviewed by Spartan Shield and got to know more about him and what he wants to bring to the school.

While in high school, he was inspired by his music director, noting him as someone who made his experience in music more enjoyable. He added that his music director taught a different curriculum than the ones he learned of in his life. It made him realize his liking towards performing in a school band. 

A quote he remembers from his director was, ¨It’s always going to be frustrating in the beginning, but don’t give up… It always gets better.¨ He relates this quote to his students now, as they go through similar feelings in his own classes, stating;

“In addition to that inspiration he gave me, I just wanted to give back to those who may not have experienced that…”

After high school, Mr. Lucas attended California State University, Los Angeles. He had originally majored in a computer science degree but later changed it to a music degree after discovering it to be his passion. 

Performing abroad helped provide experience as well, learning about varied teaching methods for music. His curriculum is formed from the music clinics he participated in, while in Japan. He is looking to teach in different ways and hopes to inspire other students with the same passion and offer new positions for people who want to further their skills in music.

Gaining a teaching position has excited him, although he commented there is a lot of adjustment needed, as there are not enough resources and this is a whole new experience. He seeks to teach in different methods, as he had learned about them while abroad. Aside from the stress, Mr. Lucas loves the school community and its environment, becoming attached while being a student-teacher. 

While remembering his time earning teaching credentials, he recalled the Winter Concert last year, saying, “ I never really performed with any of the students I had taught before. So, being able to perform from their perspective, when they’re at the stage, maybe they were a little nervous… Being able to connect to them on a deeper level helped me… to make meaningful connections with the students I have.”

Regarding his classes, he pictures projects, some of them involving collaborations with other visual art teachers, some of them involving collaborations with other visual art teachers. To the Spartan family, he says;

¨Everyone has a chance to make a difference, why do something tomorrow when you could do it now.¨ 

Be sure to visit his classroom in room 23 to welcome him to the Spartan family!

Written by News Editor: Adrian Castillo