Tonga Eruption

 Satellite images if the eruption (January 15, 2022) PBS SoCal images

On Saturday, January 15  an underwater volcano erupted on the island of Tonga. The eruption affected many South Pacific islands. Triggering tsunamis all over the pacific ocean. Some reached over as much as 49 feet high.  NASA scientists stated the Tongs eruption was  ,”Hundreds of times the equivalent mechanical energy of the Hiroshima nuclear explosion “.

Also stating that the energy released was around 4-18 megatons of TNT. One can only imagine how citizens managed to survive . 

The volcano caused the island of Hunga Tonga- Hunga Ha’apai to split in half.  Many people that were living in the surrounding islands, had to evacuate immediately. Some even left on their boats, believing that they would be safer at sea than onshore. Some inhabitants stayed on the island and watched their homes be destroyed. After the volcano finished erupting, those that survived, quickly rushed to help clean and rebuild their homes and community. 

The eruption affected more than 80% of the Tongan population. Thankfully the Red Cross sent support vessels to help and retrieve those who needed it. But sadly according to Stephane Dujarric( a United Nations Spokesman) there have been 3 fatalities from the disaster. 

This catastrophe has also caused an oil spill in Peru. In an oil refinery called “ La Pampilla”. Where about 12,000 barrels of oil have leaked into the sea because of the shock waves. Resulting in many deaths of sea life and sea birds.

Workers cleaned up the oil spill days after the eruption. (BBC News)

 One main beach that was deeply affected by this natural disaster was Cavero Beach in Ventanilla,Callao, Peru. Many fishermen that depended on this beach to make a living have been protesting to get the area cleaned up .But none of the CEOs from the oil company have responded. The Monday after the eruption workers began cleaning up the beach with hazard suits. Working with the little supplies that they have. An AP reporter stated that the workers were trying to remove the oil from the water with a plastic bottle cut in half. Hopefully other nations join in and help or provide them the correct supplies in order to rebuild the communities affected. 

To this day Tonga remains disconnected from the world . As for the reason that they do not have power. Which little to no information has been provided to the outside world about what is still going on. 

Written by Staff Writer: Fernanda Vega

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