Looting of Stores

Looting in Los Angeles and San Francisco occurred on Monday, November 23rd and many more have continued to happen. There was a “mass smash and grab” at the department store, Nordstrom, located at The Grove in Los Angeles. 

The “smash and grab” in November started  when a suspect used a sledgehammer to break the window down from the store.  Once the suspect broke in, he stole lots of items from the men’s clothing. That is when other suspects began to grab things from the store. In the robbery there were a total of around 20 thieves involved.

           People walking by a Louis Vuitton Store that is all boarded up with plywood, because of the looting.

There were also many other stores in San Francisco that experienced the same issues. The Nordstrom store was also robbed and a total of 80 people were involved in the incident. 

All those 80 people didn’t just rob that store, they went to many other stores: Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Jewelry store, and Walgreens. A Sunday morning the windows of the Louis Vuitton store in Beverly Hills were smashed, but they weren’t able to make it inside. 

Some of these thieves used the crowds of people from the protest, so that they would be able to do the robbery on the stores. They figured that if there are more people in that certain spot they could be able to break in and they won’t see them. Many of those stores were robbed and roughly about $500,000 dollars of merchandise were stolen from those stores.

These lootings of stores are getting serious and people do not know where else those people could end up going. The police did get some of the suspects but they weren’t able to get all of them since there were lots of them. 

The police officers later in those days found a white SUV that could probably be of a suspect from the robbery, but they still don’t know and they need to investigate a bit more on the lootings from those stores. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom said that the California Highway Patrol will increase its presence around high trafficked stores. 

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