Restroom Closures have affected students greatly

Students have faced a lot of issues regarding going to the restroom, due to staff closing the restrooms early. Recently, it has become harder to access the restroom during class and lunch time because staff have been positioned around the restrooms to prevent a large group of students from going into the restroom all at once. 

This has caused students to go to the restroom during classes and miss out on lessons or homework that may happen during that time period that they go to the restroom.

Photo taken from Spartan Shield Broadcast (03/08/22)

A recent rule has been implemented which prevents students from going to the restroom during the first and last 10 minutes of class. One of the major reasons for this rule was due to the fact that many troublesome students would trash the restrooms, which led to the closure of the restrooms in the bungalows. In addition, restrooms have been a breeding ground for illegal activity and fights.

To make matters worse, the restrooms by the bungalows have not opened up until recently which made it harder for students to find a restroom that was open. Teachers have also gotten fed up with students going to the restroom so frequently that some have even placed their own rule about the limited amount of times students are available to go throughout instructional time. This problem does not just occur during school hours, this has even affected students who stay after school for either sports or a club they may be in.

“The majority of the restrooms are closed after school and we have to waste our time that can be used in our club trying to find one that’s open.” — Anonymous, 11th Grade

Although all these situations seem directed as a student only problem, teachers have had issues of their own regarding students going to the restroom constantly during instructional time. This leads to teachers being suspicious of allowing students to go to the restroom as they believe they will just mess around.

“Some are some aren’t, I have people go and half an hour later they come strolling on back. When I cover classes that aren’t mine unbearably 3 or 4 people need to use the restroom all of a sudden, I think most people go to use the restroom, not to go to the restroom they just want out for a little break.” said Mr.Herbert Sanchez, veteran English Teacher. 

Recently, faculty has taken over and often closed the restrooms in the bungalows, and the ones by the bandroom which is rarely even open afterschool. This has limited students to using the restrooms by the 20s.

This tends to cause lines to form rather quickly. Students end up wasting their lunch time waiting in line to use the restroom when they could be using it to relax or even eat something. 

Regardless of who this does and doesn’t affect students or teachers, this is an issue that should be brought up to the administration with a solution that satisfies both parties.

Although the restrooms have been opened again, they are o’t always open which should be changed especially since only one restroom section is open for students which isn’t enough, especially since some students stay afterschool for clubs.

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