From the start of the pandemic, Colorguard has been on top of its game. The pandemic didn’t weaken them but made them stronger than ever. Ever since we came back to learning in person Colorguard has made a huge impact on Huntington Park’s legacy. Been winning non-stop placing high. As a school that has its main focus on sports such as football, we didn’t acknowledge Colorguard as we should have. However, with these outstanding rewards Colorguard has earned, we have seen a huge increase in support and acknowledgment towards the team. Not only that but Colorguard has been placed as a team above high school level meaning they are bigger than no other school. Our Colorguard’s main element is the flag. 

The team comes from a low-income community school with not many funds as those schools they are going against. Knowing schools with high funds and more than 3 coaches to help them, our school was able to fund one coach for the team. They were still able to surpass those high and privileged schools. It’s not about the coaching but the bonding that’s being built up. As we see at every competition there’s nothing but laughs and enjoyment after winning. All those winnings come from commuting and being able to help one another. As shocking as it could be team member Jessica Ramierez has stated she was extremely surprised and overjoyed when she heard the team placed gold medalists at their championships. Knowing going against amazing and well-performed performances.


Their season has come to an end but yet have been working hard to start recruiting and working hard for next year’s season. If you would like to be part of an amazing color guard be sure to stay updated on their informative meetings for more information be sure to follow their Instagram page @spartan.guard.

Written by staff writer, Karla Robles