Different ways to dress to stay fresh

The recent high temperatures in Los Angeles have undoubtedly affected everyone’s day-to-day life. As for students here at Huntington Park, there has been school-wide confusion about what to wear to beat the heat.

When asked, “What have you been wearing to stay fresh throughout the recent heat wave?” Senior, Ingrid Gonzalez responded, “I stay fresh by not wearing sweaters or hoodies.” Senior point guard, David Martinez also revealed, “The heat made me use lighter colored clothes and more shorts.” Students are well aware of the impact light colors and layers have under the sun. Flexible and breathable clothing is all that has been desired lately. 

However, there are still some students who will arguably wear warmer clothing throughout this heat duration. Softball player, Elaine Fajardo stated, “I still dress casually in

hoodies but sometimes I step out of my comfort zone and wear tee shirts.” Unlike most students who have continued to wear fewer layers, some students stick to their signature style to feel secure within themselves. 

Universally, staying away from layering is a must this season. When asked, “Has the heat made you downplay or elevate your style?” David responded, “I like to wear a lot of sweaters but I stuck to shirts.” Despite the fact that temperatures have been high, students are sacrificing their preferred style to remain cool throughout this heat period.

Ingrid responded similarly by saying, “This weather downplays my outfits because a sweater or jacket can really help make the outfit.” There appears to be a general craving for other seasonal clothing, nevertheless embracing a new look is just one of the essentials this summer. 

On the topic of embracing, Elaine responded by saying, “The heat has made me elevate my style because as much as I’m comfortable in hoodies, I began to wear just tee shirts and face my fear of wearing shorts and showing my legs.” Even though the rise in temperatures has made people uncomfortable, Elaine chose to welcome the disadvantages and break her cycle of wearing warm clothes.  

There is an obvious desire for fall weather throughout Huntington Park’s campus. In spite of that, summer essentials include, “shorts, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and deodorant” according to David Martinez. 

Ingrid Gonzalez seconded this by saying, “Hair clip, water bottles, and chapstick.”

 Elaine Fajardo finally stated, “shorts, sandals, sunscreen, and Carmex chapstick.” 

Students have shared their summer essentials by giving a broad idea of what they use daily.

In retrospect, the recent high temperatures have created peaks and valleys for Huntington Park students. Whether maintaining a preferred fashion sense or stepping out of their comfort zones, students have endured challenges throughout this heat wave.  

Written by Hailey Carbajal, Staff Writer

photo credit https://www.stylestudio.shop/

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