Another YEar, Another Run

With Cross Country being in season now, there are many good things waiting for our runners this year! This includes new team members, competition, personal records, races, and more. 

Some of the things that cross country hopes to accomplish as a team this year is having a close bond, working together, and lifting each others spirits to come close together as a “family.”

Taking a trip back in time, there were many good memories made with the cross country team last year, like being able to run around Elysian Park, everyone understanding each other, and celebrating together through the ups and downs.

“I like that everyone is able to understand each others pain while running, it makes us feel closer together,” said, senior, Angie Francisco.

Now, what makes HPHS cross country different from other schools? The fact that we have a very understanding coach and that cross country is easy going, it makes it seem approachable and easy to join.

When joining cross country, it is easy to fit in because the team is very social and their goal is to help each other out. “HPHS cross country is strict when it needs to be, but we also have our moments where we are allowed to have fun,” said Angie Francisco 

Although, there are some things that should be noticed and fixed. What is going on with the cross country setting?

“We are striving to have our own space where we are allowed to run and not have to go to Elysian Park,” said Coach Louis Bonsteel.

Cross Country Star Angie Francisco states, “The beginning part should be fixed, there are alot of holes and mud that affects the runners and their performance.”

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