Senior Events and What We Know So Far

Photo taken by: Spartan Shield Member Kiyond Heard

Senior Events are something the majority of us look forward to. After spending so much of our lives at school it starts to feel like something we deserve. After our hard work and dedication, we feel the need to spend what little time we have left making memories with our fellow graduating class before heading off to college or wherever life might take us. 

A lot of us are still waiting on our first official senior event, yet we have not heard any information regarding senior events. It’s a bit disappointing, to say the least. Other schools kicked off their senior year with senior sunrise, senior games, and senior fright fest according to class president Luis Guerra from Linda Marquez High School. 

“I’m quite disappointed and have low expectations for senior events,”  said student Karla Zoquiapa.

It’s no surprise that seniors are disappointed and left with low expectations. With schools like Linda Marquez starting strong, it’s understandable that seniors are upset with how the new school year is starting. With the lack of information, we have from ASB, who knows when or if we’ll ever have a senior event? 

Something a lot of us might be asking is, when will ASB acknowledge the fact that we’re past due?

“I mean I get it, not everyone knows how ASB works and what goes down, but it’s hard getting help from others when they’re not putting in any effort to even be in ASB or when people just take advantage of their roles. It makes it hard to move forward with events,” said ASB Vice President Madeline Alvarez.

Members like Madeline Alvarez understand our frustration, but it seems like no one seems to understand her’s. A lot of us have been complaining about when we can expect our first senior events and if they’ll even reach our high expectations after weeks of waiting. Let’s admit, it’s easier to point fingers and blame them for not giving us the senior year that we might have hoped for. Right? 

”With the lack of experience due to new members, four returning, and a new advisor there’s a lot to figure out within ASB but still with room to grow,” said Alexia Nava.

With this said, it’s understandable that ASB is a bit behind, and might take us a while before hearing any official announcement concerning senior events. ASB is still trying to adjust to its new environment with new members and a new advisor. I’m guessing it hasn’t been easier having to deal with complaints from students, but still, it’s reasonable for students to complain after not being told much. Madeline Alvarez agrees and answered some of the questions you might have been asking and even told us what to expect.

“Hopefully we can expect our first senior event really soon, maybe late October. We have so many events planned but we are still waiting on the school’s approval. We always take people’s opinions and suggestions into consideration for future events. Either we take notes or we calendar them for a specific date. We hope to have 20+ events this year and hope turnouts are different, more seniors show up, different layout, and different senior events that were hosted last year,” said Madeline Alvarez.

Alexia Nava and Madeline Alvarez, ASB members, and fellow seniors are fighting alongside us to make our last year of high school something to remember. The majority of us feel let down but it’s understandable with our expectations of senior years being completely different. 

We have plenty of time to wait and see what ASB has in store. I’ll sure be looking forward to seeing what the ASB plans are for the 2022-2023 school year!

Written By: Bryan Tzep

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