Sports Training Conditions

Earlier this month we can all agree that the heat was taking a toll on us. Like on the 9th of September, temperatures reached as high as 97 degrees. Thankfully, most of our classrooms had AC, but unfortunately in some classes, it still wasn’t working like in the 30’s building, Mr. Pina’s class had to use fans to have some “wind.” While it affected students during school hours, it also affected our athletes in practice.

To some, the heat affected their performance, but others ended up getting used to it. For example, Cross Country had to readjust their practices so that their runners could still be able to run. Their solution to adjusting to the heat was switching their normal afternoon school practice to morning ones before school starts. 

These runners were now getting up earlier before school even started just to beat the heat of the sun in order to get their practice in. Was it worth it? Most definitely. Briana, sophomore and current runner states, “I feel like morning practice doesn’t compare to afternoon practice because we have fun a lot more, we shower, we hang out, and then we go eat breakfast inside my coaches room.”

Equally important, the Cross Country coach, Mr. Bonsteel, agrees that the heat had affected practice. “Yes it was too hot to practice, and the district put limitations on us based on the heat,” he states. 

With that in mind, it must’ve been difficult trying to practice in the afternoon with the sun hitting you hard. While switching it to the morning might have also been difficult since students would have to wake up earlier but it would have been all worth it to avoid heat strokes. Although he wouldn’t change much about the practice he would like to find ways to encourage and motivate people to get out to practice.

Written by Staff Writer, Angie Francisco

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