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Sports are a significant component of the high school experience with 9 sports offered on the Huntington Park school website. Students, teachers, and administrators can support student-athletes by attending games, supporting fundraisers, attending pep rallies, and promoting them. The sports that will be or are in season for Fall 2022 are Colorguard, cross-country, football, marching band, soccer, and girl’s volleyball. 

Colorguard alongside the band has performed at home football games and has attended five competitions, along with numerous special events for this Fall semester. Band and Colorguard have also had fundraising events such as the “Popcornopolis” sale. Marching Band also created a gofundme October 11, 2022, after a break-in at HPHS (October 9) following a previous break into the football locker rooms (September 21). 

“ The band and color guard are a significant part of the social culture on campus, yet one of the most underrecognized groups by the administration or other staff members. We train nearly 20 hours a week, getting home at 8:30 or later. We are expected to do academically well and be physically and mentally well for weekend competitions. It is unfortunate that people only see others with privileged titles/roles who haven’t done anything, as those who deserve it because they love what they’re doing every day, basically pouring their soul into it.” said anonymously. 

Cross-country had four meets at Elysian Park and will go to prelims on November 12. Elysian Park is the new course for Cross country since they need a 3-mile course. Coach Bonsteel has been coaching XC and Track for 10 years now. He also runs SRLA here at HPHS. 

“ I do believe that if we were able to host meets we would have more support from the school but unfortunately we need a 3-mile course. School support is important not only academically but for sports it is something the kids here really enjoy doing and the support is part of that experience,” said Bonsteel, XC and Track Coach.

Football defeated Bell for the third year in a row on October 28 and will now go to playoffs. Football is the sport that has received the highest attendance for the Fall semester of 2022. Football has had 3 pep rallies and their yearly chocolate fundraiser. Football also had a gofundme to raise money for their sport which unfortunately got targeted in the break-in previously mentioned at HPHS (September 21). 

“I like the support we get from students and teachers at our games, there can be some improvements in support for other sports by having pep rallies and advertising for them as well,” said Joshua Wellington, football wide receiver. 

Soccer will begin its season this fall as well. Last year the girls’ team made it to the Eastern League championships while the boys’ team was in the playoffs. This year they hope to have more opportunities and accomplishments. 

“I believe soccer can get more support from students, admin, and teachers if they come to our games more often. I like the support we get from the school although I would also like to see more pep rallies at school before and during our season” said Angel Ruiz, a soccer defender. 

Girl’s volleyball ended its season on October 17 playing against Bell. Ms.Espinoza and Ms.Perkins are the new coaches for volleyball this year and will also coach boys’ volleyball next semester. Unfortunately, volleyball was unable to have pep rallies or fundraisers this semester due to back-to-back games interfering heavily with class schedules. 

“Throughout our season our biggest fan was William. He attended all the games and always cheered us on. Unfortunately, not many students attend the games because the schedule of games interferes with the school day. Outside of teachers and students, only two administrators showed up to games.” said Ms.Espinoza, a volleyball coach.

Student-athletes at HPHS have a strong relationship with their sport and have many great things to say about their experiences with teamwork and dedication. However, there is room for improvement in support from the school itself. All sports should look forward to events and support from students and staff.  

“We try to treat each sport the same. I try my best to pay close attention, for example, whatever we do for boy’s basketball we do for girl’s basketball as well, that’s important. I think we as a school try to give all sports the same attention. There is always room for improvemnet. ” said Mr. Reed, athletic director. 

All sports should look forward to support from the school without feeling excluded or let down. Support to student-athletes is as important as their academic support these athletes have many opportunities including scholarships. All sports support can be improved but it is also important to keep the balance between every sport.

Written By: Carolina Lopez, Editorials Editor

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