A-G Counselor — The face behind it all

  Ms. Villasenor, A-G counselor. Hardworking, and determined to help others. (photo credit : Osman Arias)

Ms. Villasenor is an A-G counselor at Huntington Park High School. She attended Cypers community college to get her Associate and later transferred to Cal State Dominguez Hills where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychology. Once she finished undergraduate school, she went to USC where she got her master’s degree in social work and emphasis in school social work.  

To deal with students who struggle to meet their requirements, she uses what she calls a universal strategy so that every student knows what their requirements are. She does targeted interventions for small groups, or students who are failing the 5-10 week grading period. In extreme cases, she does weekly check-ins, parent meetings, or teacher and parent-meetings. 

For a counselor, the most difficult things to deal with are documentation, documenting on different platforms, and documenting everything they do, it can be very stressful, and sometimes annoying. The most rewarding thing is having the opportunity to work with students who are at risk and seeing that they can overcome adversaries and graduate high school on time, go to college, and get a career for themselves. Seeing her students achieve goals for their futures was a thrilling experience for Ms. Villasenor. 

“To help out the community, and to help out first-generation student graduates. My parents didn’t go to college.. So I want to help out students that are like ME!”

Her goals for the future are to finish her hours to become a licensed therapist and open up her own private practice. Ms.Villasenor does her best at all times to make sure that she can help every student complete their requirements.

“I provide a safe space for my students and I have a lot of empathy and we work together to develop plans so that we can be successful at home and on school.”

Written By Staff Writer: Osman Arias

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