School Threats Concerning Social Media

There has recently been a school threat at Huntington Park High School. Image credits:

The Huntington Park High School admin and staff were alerted over a social media post on Instagram that informed their fellow peers of the school shooting in early November of 2022. 

“Good evening. This is Carlos Garibaldi with an important message for parents, guardians and staff. The safety and wellbeing of our students and staff remain my top priority.  Earlier today, our school learned of a social media post that raised concerns about the safety of our campus. School police is investigating, and will provide additional patrols in an abundance of caution…” said Garibaldi, the Principal of Huntington Park High School. 

At HPHS, admin and staff try to make students’ school experience a good yet successful one. They intend to make academic relationships with students so that they can develop support in academics but yet be comfortable with them as adolescents. 

The social media post completely disregards the trust and confidence between students and admin at HPHS and it also creates an unsafe environment for students and staff. As most students have social media and one post leads to another page, and to another and a never ending cycle that creates tension about the wellbeing of students, admin, and staff at HPHS.  

“It made us feel unsafe and didn’t make us want to attend school when we usually are happy and eager to come to school to be with our friends,” said a group of students at Huntington Park High School. 

This school threat made students feel unsafe at the one place that their parents drop them off to in the morning thinking their child would be safe and having an educational day as they should be.

No parent thinks about the horrible possibility of a school threat when they are enrolling their children to a school, entrusting that they would be safe instead of the outside world in which their children can be engaged in other extracurricular activities in which they should not be participating in like drugs, alcohol, illegal activities etc.  

“In certain schools, they have police, sheriffs in the front. Why don’t they protect our kids like they protect money in a vault at a bank?” Garcia said. “Our kids are more valuable than that money. This is not the first time a school has been shot up and kids have lost their lives. This need to be the last time this happens. It shouldn’t happen anymore. Nobody should ever go through this,” said a parent of the Uvalde, Texas shooting victims. 

Written by Staff Writer, Valeria Alejandre

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