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The Well Being Center (WBC) is located next to the 30s building before the parent center. At the Well Being Center, students can access birth control, mental health, and sexual health information. It also provides free condoms, tampons, and pads. It is open to students on campus who want to have a break from their classes or want to refer to counseling. 

The WBC is only open Thursdays and Fridays because there are other locations where health educators are needed throughout the rest of the week. However, on Mondays Planned Parenthood is on the HPHS campus in room 39 from 8 am to 4 pm. 

Planned Parenthood clinic on campus offers STI testing, pregnancy testing, connecting students with birth control, and emergency contraception (Plan B). These services are offered here on campus as well as the supplies are. If Planned Parenthood does not have the right resources for someone they are able to write prescriptions for students to obtain somewhere else like a pharmacy. Family Pact is a program in the state of California that covers the costs of medical visits as well as services for sexual health. 

The WBC also offers services for sexual health such as how to use contraception and feminine products. 

I asked the three WBC health educators (Crystal, Jessica, and Ernesto) what the most important thing for students on campus to know regarding the WBC was and they responded, 

“It is a very safe space as it is a student-only center,” said Jessica. 

“What we do back here in the WBC is for the students and it is confidential and it is a very safe space for them to come. Do not be afraid to come back here because it is confidential,” said Crystal. 

“Just to add what Crystal said it is important for you guys to be aware that whatever situation students are dealing with you shouldn’t have to deal with it alone and you can always talk to someone here, however, it is your decision if you want to be provided with our unbiased advice or just help manage the situation,” said Ernesto. 

Students on campus have begun to get informed about the services the WBC offers including mental health. The WBC is open to all students from 8 am to 4 pm Thursdays and Fridays and teachers can write passes for students if they need to go during the period. 

“I do not think a lot of students know about the WBC. I know they promote it but I really do not think that there are students who understand the resources that the district does have. High school is a difficult time so these resources help,” said Ms.Sanchez, an English teacher. 

It is great to have a center for emotional needs as well as psychical needs. The WBC should be taken advantage of if students have that resource. Teachers should be informed about the Center in order to guide students through difficulties that can not be dealt with at the general health office (nurse) 

¨To be honest I do not know much about the WBC, I know that is a resource available to students and the other day I had some students tell me that they did an activity with them about reproductive health and they had an opportunity to learn about some of the tools they can provide.¨ said Mr.G, social studies teacher. 

At the beginning of the semester not many students visited the WBC but beginning in February more students visited. Are students informed about the WBC? 

“ I feel like they only talk about counselors for college and classes. What I can say about the WBC is that it helps students with mental health. Honestly, it should be more promoted,” said Kiara Perez, junior.

“I do not know much about the WBC, I would like it to be more prompted because I do not know anything about it. Of course, the WBC should be more promoted, especially in our generations where STDs are very common,” said Estrella Garrido, a sophomore. 

“Teachers provide help on information on where to go when dealing with mental health issues including counselors, the psychiatrist at school, and the WBC,” said Amy Gil, a sophomore. 

The WBC needs more emphasis just like other counseling services on the HP campus. Through the WBC is where students can access amazing health services including those that are already advertised on campus. Although the WBC has hosted events on Stockton Court many students seem to be afraid to talk about their sex or mental health problems at school. Through fun activities is how the WBC has been able to get more students involved in learning about themselves and the boundaries of a relationship, for example. The WBC will help many students on campus the more students become aware of their purpose on campus. Mental and sexual health is just as important as physical health. 

Written By: Carolina Lopez, Editorials Editor

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