Police Brutality By LAPD 

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A double amputee was shot and killed in Huntington Park, California. The amputee died on January 26, 2023.

The double amputee was Anthony Lowe, a 36-year-old father, and brother. The family said and protested that the Huntington Park Police Department used excessive force against a person with disabilities. 

“Anthony Lowe, a Black man who lost both his legs last year and had not yet received prosthetics, stabbed a person last Thursday before they used a stun gun and shot him about 10 times throughout his upper body,” police say. 

The Huntington Park Police then found Lowe near the Shell gas station where he had stabbed the victim. Three officers were trying to speak to Lowe and verbally command him. While officers were trying to get Lowe to comply, he held a 12-inch butcher knife that he had used to stab the random victim. 

Lowe then did not comply with the officers’ verbal commands.

“Officers later found Lowe nearby carrying around a large knife and ignoring their commands, the statement said. He “threatened to advance or throw the knife” at Police who deployed two Tasers in an attempt to subdue him… Lowe was shot and died on the sidewalk,” stated NBC news. 

After the officers tried to reason with Lowe but didn’t get him to comply, they began to use their tasers to subdue him, but it sadly did not affect him. Lowe not complying, scrambling away from the officers, and threatening them led to his death. 

The Huntington Park Police felt that they had no other option but to shoot Lowe. Lowe’s family was not notified until the day after the incident, even though Lowe was carrying his ID with his mothers address on it.  

“Lowe’s older sister, Yatoya Toy, said her brother was scared  of law enforcement and most likely fled in fear, much like Keenan Anderson, a Black man who cried out, “They’re trying to George Floyd me!” during an altercation with Los Angeles police officers last month,” stated from NBC news. 

Keenan Anderson is a 31-year-old Black man from Washington. Anderson was here visiting LA, near Venice boardwalk where he had a traffic incident with the police. 

Anderson then died on January 3rd from cardiac arrest after being stunned 6 times around 4.5 hours after the incident. Anderson was the third person to be killed in LAPD Custody this year. 

“I don’t know how police could make any excuse for feeling threatened by a double amputee in a wheelchair, ” said Melina Abdullah, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter- LA. It’s disgusting. It just shows you it must be open season on Black people,” stated from NBC news. 

Written by Staff Writer, Valeria Alejandre

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