Today’s adventures are tomorrow’s stories

The entire yearbook crew posing together for a photo in their room of operations (Photo taken by Jack)

Students of all grades have been hard at work in the D100 room to ensure the yearbook captures many memories and events for all the seniors to reminisce about once they graduate. They come together during 5th period and under the guidance of Mrs.Enriquez and the English teacher here at HP High school.

Yearbook students put together pages regarding our sports teams, student life, school events, popular clubs, social gatherings, and other day-to-day campus life that may be looked back on as nostalgic. 

This semester, the yearbook team intends to focus more on the student life sections, such as coming up with ideas for pages to capture and represent our student body, as they hope to show a more personal and insightful view that would otherwise not be shown.  

Yearbook students are finishing up clubs, organizations, and sports sections from the fall and spring semesters. They are also working on senior advisories and starting our senior portrait pages which feature senior quotes. However, there has been some struggle this year from the lack of student participation, as 200 out of 400 students submitted senior quotes, causing Ms. Enriquez to try and find some solution. 

“It’s been a challenge to get seniors to participate, but most importantly for the senior quotes. So students if you get a two to three notice make sure to do it.” Mrs. Enriquez comments regarding the issue.

Within the yearbook itself, there will be a celebrity look-alike page that will feature students resembling a celebrity. There will also be a page for student hangouts, which captures all the hangout spots on campus, and a fashion page that may show the up-to-date fashion of people around the campus. In addition to those pages, there will also be pages in the yearbook that will be sold to students so they can have the page for themselves. 

There are other yearbook pages to look forward to, such as birthday twins, guilty pleasures, and HP hobbies. Lastly, an event that is not yearbook-related will allow students to submit memory-like videos but no selfies so that they may be clipped together and revealed at the senior breakfast.

Though this may seem very simple to put together, students in Yearbook started the fresh semester chaotic due to new staff. 

“So far, right now we are, it’s chaotic because we were falling a little bit behind and most of the staff is new. We’ve also just started color coding and we’ve sent deadlines” -Mrs.Enriquez

This resulted in Ms. Enriquez figuring out how to get the classes’ progression going, which involves using deadlines, along with the help of a representative from the yearbook company visiting once a month to give feedback. If the schedule stays steady, the yearbook class of 2023 will be done by March 21st, submitted for publishing by April 20th, and delivered to students on May 20th.

Written By Staff Writer Jack

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