the challenge of a lifetime

The L.A. Marathon happened on March 19, 2023. It started at Dodger Stadium at 6:30 a.m. and finished at the Avenue of the Star in Century City at 3 p.m. 

SRLA students and leaders came together at Beverly Hills High School. Many students from Huntington Park High School took part in the Los Angeles Marathon (26.3 miles). Coach Louis Bonsteel is one of the teachers who led and encouraged his track students to take part in this. 

“It’s the challenge of a lifetime,” said Bonsteel

Bonsteel officially retired as a long distance runner last year, and this year was his first year coaching alongside the students and not running the L.A. Marathon. He likes the atmosphere that is brought upon the students, along with the difference it makes to complete the L.A. Marathon. 

“It’s all about the students,” said Bonsteel 

Currently there were 29 students who ran the L.A. Marathon this year, 15 of these students ran the L.A. Marathon for the first time. One of these students was Carolina Lopez, a senior at Huntington Park High School. 

“Honestly, I am really looking forward to running the marathon. Looking back at when I first started highschool, I would’ve never seen myself in this position. I am glad I got to try something new and challenge myself with this opportunity. I am very nervous, although I am confident,” said Lopez 

However there are many students who ran the marathon for their fourth time, such as Misela Gonzalez, senior, captain of the SRLA team at Huntington Park High School. 

“We are one big family, the bond between a lot of people on the team can be considered tightly knit,” said Gonzalez

Misela was encouraged to join SRLA after her brother was a part of the team. Bonsteel called her out in front of his classroom, and she took on the challenge of being in SRLA for four years. 

Bonsteel has carried the SRLA team for more than eleven years and continues to serve the students of Huntington Park with commitment and dedication. 

Written by: Alondra Ruiz, Sports Editor

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